My Coker Was Stolen...I mean, Relocated.

Don’t worry, I got it back. I’m going to share this story with you in order to vent my anger a bit.

I live on campus in a dormitory at SUNY Oswego. Usually after a ride through the snow/mud/rain, I leave my coker resting against the wall in the hallway just outside my door, but still visible from inside. I always leave the door open, of course. But on this particular day the door was closed. I don’t know why. I can’t remember if I closed it or if my girlfriend closed it on her way out.

Approximately 10 minutes go by and I open my door…the coker is gone :astonished:

My first instinct was to call my friends and make sure they weren’t playing a joke on me. Then I stopped by my neighbors who had their doors open asking if they’d see anyone go by with a giant wheel - Nope. I check the front desk but I find a sign, “Be Back in 10mins” - Just my luck. So I begin searching the building, every floor, starting from the bottom. I live on the 5th floor of this 9 floor dorm. Becoming less and less hopeful with each floor I make a second round around my floor when I reach it. Up the stairs once more…BAM, there it is, just outside the doors of the stairwell on the 6th floor.

Some @$$%$@e, thought it’d be hilarious to take my unicycle from outside my door and move it up floor. Funny right?

So I left a pleasant note on the wall where my unicycle was left, assuming they may stop by to see if I’ve found it. It reads, “Real $#@%$@$ funny, @$$%$#@.”

Moral of the story: Keep a close eye on your unicycles :slight_smile:

Here she is, safe and sound:

haha, I remember living in a dorm… good times

glad you found it.

My roommate wanted to hang his Nishiki 10 speed bike from the ceiling of our 2nd floor dorm room. Unfortunately, the ceiling was solid poured concrete, so he borrowed a masonry bit and crappy electric drill from his dad’s workshop and we proceeded drilling intermittently for short periods so as to prevent authorities from pinpointing the source of the ungodly vibration transmitted through the entire building. A hammer-drill would have worked much better, while generating about the same level of noise. The first hole went OK and we managed to set a lag screw anchor and one standard bike hook, but we hit a stubborn rock on the second and were forced to give up after a few weeks of sporadic efforts and zero progress. We found that the bike hung just as well from one wheel, and freed up the same amount of floor space, so we just lived with it until the end of the Spring Semester, when we covered the holes with masking tape and flat white paint, to be uncovered and used the following year.

I had a real similar encounter.

I was staying at the school dorm and was going for a ride so I got off the lift at the basement level. Then I decided I forgot something and thought it troublesome to cart my uni up. I left it at the lift landing and left for not more than 5 minutes. When I returned, my uni was gone. People around claimed not to see it, I was fuming mad and went to report it to campus security. They had a security cam near the area so I asked for footage. After almost an hour of going through the channels, they told me that the camera was pointed on a nearby wall all the time and not at the lift lobby. Very smart.

Fumed more and then on a hunch, I tried the corner of this dark stairwell that was nearby. Found my uni.

Perhaps someone hid it so no one else would steal it.

Well, the stairwell was in a room (it IS the basement) and it was hidden in a corner all the way behind the stairs. No, it wasn’t goodwill.

Haha. I’m glad you found it too. I guess another moral of the story should be: Don’t immediately assume it’s stolen, it may just be relocated for your inconvenience. :slight_smile:

To leave it unattended on a different floor is one thing, but it was RIGHT outside my door. Plus I have established somewhat of a friendship with most of my neighbors. I just can’t believe someone would do that. They probaby weren’t aware of the value of it.