My Coker just survived a 15m drop

I went for a MUni ride with one of my old mountainbike buddies today and we were going down this farm trail with a big bank down one side. I was going as fast as I could since I was trying to keep up with him on his bike. Anyway, I hit a bump at about 20km/h which resulted in a most ungraceful UPD. I looked back in time to see my Coker sailing over the bank down into the bottom of the valley :frowning: . It hit the side of the bank about 2-3 times but essentially fell about 15m straight down. After scrambling down to get it I was very worried that the wheel would be totally out of alignment. Checking it over I could not see any damage on it at all. The wheel and frame still seemed pretty straight. It wasn’t till I was off riding again that I noticed it felt a bit different. I got off and realised that it must have landed on the seat. My KH seat used to be quite concave upwards. Now it’s virtually flat. We continued on our 35km ride and I actually liked my seat a lot better.

Anyway I’ve learnt two things today:

  1. Cokers are pretty bombproof machines.
  2. KH Seats are better flat. I will have to try and flatten my other KH seats.

MY Coker is just a standard deluxe model, not an ultra strong U-Turn wheel.


Re: Ken’s Coker just survived a 15m drop

Far out, your Coker is lucky to have survived intact. I’ve had a similar experience with my MUni falling down a smaller bank, when falling down some stairs near a river. It made me think, “Oh no my wheel” as it fell beyond my reach. Luckily for me it got snagged on the bank rather than bouncing into the river. You might want to attach a bungy-chord from your unicycle to your belt in case of future cliffside accidents. It could prevent you losing your wheel over the side, but it could also entangle you and cause a worse accident if you crash.

I’d suggest being careful about purposefully bending your KH seats because it is not going to make them any stronger. Once bent they will probably bend easier and develop the dreaded flex. On your MUni it might not be a good idea because you need maximum stiffness for hopping.

Man, 15m is a long way down! I don’t reckon you’d get away with dropping it much further than that.

What does UPD stand for anyway? Unexpected Proof of Durability?

Haha, it kinda reminds me of when I dropped your KH24 in the drink, and watched as it floated down under the bridge. Uh, did I say “dropped your KH24 in the drink”? What I meant to say was “applied the buoyancy examination”…

I’m glad the Coker’s all in one piece.


Good one:D

It’s unplanned dismount though. When you need to get off the uni but don’t actually “fall.”

According to an UPD is an Unplanned Dismount. It is a bit like a crash except you don’t hit the ground, you just put your feet down before you originally intended. I have my own variation which I call a disgraceful dismount (as opposed to the graceful dismount required in level one).

UPD definition technicality

Why would a unplanned dismount that results in a “fall” or “crash” not be called a UPD?

Certainly, most UPDs are landed on ones feet, but why would a dismount (that is unplanned) that results is a crash/fall not be called a UPD?

I suppose you could consider it a UPD because it certainly isn’t planned and you do leave the uni.

I think it comes from laziness. When we wanna say “had to hop off” it’s easier to say “UPD’d.” When we wanna say we fell or crashed, we just say it cause it’s short enough.

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Re: My Coker just survived a 15m drop


Fortunately Mr. Coker made the drop and not you. That way you were able to flatten the correct seat!

O like this. Thats good to know. Thanks.

I sometimes ride prety close to a cliff about 6 metres high. It’s just next to a lake and if I’d drop my uni from there I think I’d never see it again. Well, it might float but you couldn’t get near it again without a bit of swimming or rowing a boat.

Hmmm…yes, it’s all coming back to me now; Pete66 did indeed send my KH24 flying off a bridge on our very first ride. I watched helplessly as my KH bobbed up and down before sinking like a boat anchor.

Do not trust this maniac with your unicycle :wink: