my coker is armed

A while ago, a friend of mine told me to launch bottle rockets from my uni. So I gave it a shot, thanks to my trusty GB handle, I can slide a bottle rocket down the tube, light it and fire off rocket after rocket, and the best part is, they appear to come from my crotch!

Anybody else manage to arm their unis with any unique equipment?

:smiley: HA HA HA HA !!!

“Where’s your other …”

Whoosh ! - “Take that, sucker!”

You’ve just got to post some pics.

I’m looking for a way to mount a wooden keg of a high quality foaming english real ale onto the 36"er and a delivery mechanism to facilitate imbibement without dismount. That’d keep the average ride-speed up nicely. :wink:

well i suppose it is cheating a little because it is not attached directly to my unicycle, but i have fired my trusty fruit bazooka (an apple goes about 170m’s and a semi frozen orange about 200m) while riding my 24" muni. The recoil is a little hard to get used to but after a few goes i got it without UPDing.

resize of imgp1438.jpg

Those are dangerous, my dad won’t let me play with even toy guns because they’re violent and dangerous.

I’ve thrown them while riding before, does that count?

Dang. Be careful with those bottle rockets. On the 3rd of july me and a couple of my freinds rode down to the bridge to throw bottle rockets into the river. We unicycled, so of course I put them in my pocket. UH OH. I got to the bridge, I got of my uni and was watching my freind do somthing, when 25 bottle rockets (the screaming kind, too) went off in my pocket, all at once. Burned my pocket off! They thought it was funny to see me jumping around trying to pull live fireworks out of my burning pants.

haha I’ve go a potato cannon, but haven’t fired it on my uni yet…

could you please give me a link on how to make that potoato canon and the fruit launcher since my ozee is getting kinda boring attached to the bottom of my seat(blowing trees to smithereines isn’t much fun anymore)

this site should keep you pyros happy for alittle while …

You have obviously not seen the launching barrel on my Coker. :slight_smile:

Just be good and don’t burn someone’s house down by firing a bottle rocket onto someones porch or roof or into a dry field of grass.

Oh, forgot to attach a pic: