My Coker has Arrived - oh what fun!

Why didn’t everyone tell me what fun Cokers really are?!? Mine just came today
and wow! This thing is a blast! I’m having a lot of fun with it.

I do think that I’ll have to put my bmx pedals on it as my feet keep slipping
off as I try to get going.

It feels a bit tall for to me - getting into the saddle. I’ve been grabbing the
wheel in front of me and lunging into the saddle. It probably looks silly but
hey - it rides like a dream!

I had hoped to ride in a local biking event this weekend but since my
freemounting still isn’t very reliable, I think I’ll do it on 2 wheels instead.

This thing is great - finally a unicycle my size.

Thanks for being an outlet where we can purchase from a
wide selection of unicycles! Isn’t this a great time to be alive? It is!

Brian Berlin

“Ridin’ Tall. Ridin’ Proud. Ride On, Unicycle Man!”

Re: My Coker has Arrived - oh what fun!

Hey Brian, Welcome to the club, man. I’m so happy for you. Maybe in the next
month or so you, me and Mark Stephens can converge on your neck of the woods for
a weekend or something. How’s that sound to you? Again, congrats on becoming a
Cokerhead. See ya’ in the streets. Bye Bye and ride on, unicycle man!!