my coker handle, rev. 3

Here’s my latest handle version, got ahold of a Dimension stoker stem from QBP, and it fit my Hunter seat tube, so I bolted in some 7/8" tubes I had lying around and a Profile Design aero cap end (free at local recycled shop), and there it is.
Tried it out today and I really like the lower height and slope of the handle when riding at speed (15+).


Neat. That stoker stem looks familiar.

Are you riding in a hunched over position? Or are you sitting fully upright? It looks like you’d be riding hunched over a little bit.

Yea John, I wound up using what I believe is the same stoker stem you have. The attachment to the seat adapter was limited due to the 7/8" brake post, and anything in alum is going to be larger diameter for safety (I’d hate to have the handle bend or break during riding!)

I’m finding that I do want to get hunched over a bit, and I will probably end up with yet an even lower handle position.

1 more neat trick is that the seatpost is titanium; I was able to cut down a standard seatpost to 1", grind off the paint to bare metal, then epoxy and press-fit it into the titanium tube (for what it’s worth, eh?).

that looks pretty sweet! I wish I had the time and resources to do something like that. or the uni worth doing it to! Im not lucky enough to have those materials availible to me within 3 hours of my house. oh well… maybe when I move out