MY Chopper Uni

Alright, so I’m finally getting around to posting the pictures of my Chopper Uni. I created this uni late this fall, though I did get alot of help from “MaxDaddy” Gus. Without his knowledge and expertise it never would have happened. I chopped up a Stingray bicycle and used as many parts from it as I was able to. Here are the pictures.

Using the StingRay saddle was something I definitely wanted to do. I chopped off the old seat post, and we re-attached a 22.2mm seat post. The seat is ridiculously wide, it feels like riding a horse.

Of course, my favorite part of the whole uni is the exhaust pipes. I just love 'em.

BIG GRINS[SIZE=“5”].:smiley:

That is so cool. I can’t stand it. I just had this great big smile on my face.

Very very cool. Yup, I like it a lot.:smiley: Those pipes make it work so well.

Hehe, quite nice.

Thanx for posting the pics.
That uni makes me want to spell a lot of words with ‘z’ instead of ‘s’.

Very cool.



That’s super cool. I’ve just emailed it to our list, because it’s pimp-my-ride week at unicycle hockey tonight, although I doubt anyone will match that!

Do you have something to make the motorbike noise? You could put a playing card in the spokes like people used to do on bikes if not.


COOL! You can never get too much of crome and flames.

Is it possible to make the seat narrower by bending the metal, or would it spoil the horseback feel?

A whole new category of unicycle? Brilliant. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Would look good as a convertible, with a spare wheel across the rear fender…:smiley:

Love the cruiser! It makes my old Excessory Cycle look very geeky and dated. Yes I like the idea of the playing cards and clothespins. That goes with the whole original Stingray era, and the kids that rode them. Or you could try to dig up an old “Rrraw Power” (like on the Excessory Cycle), but then you’d have to figure out where to attach it.

Rrraw Power was a thing you attached to the end of your handlebar. It was a box with a twist-grip that made a cheesy motorcycle noise when you turned it. You could probably find one on eBay, but I really don’t think it would be appropriate on your cool ride.

What you do need is a sissy bar. Just have to figure out where to anchor it.

Or if you want to really “pump up” the coolness, rig it up with some air suspension so it can go up, down and bounce around! :smiley:

The Excessory Cycle

A sissy bar’s no good unless you have a long-legged lady pillion passenger wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a tasselled crop top.

This is of course only an opinion.:smiley:

Love the exhaust pipes :slight_smile:

Very cool indeed.

Abnsolutely awesome.
You’ve gotta figure out a way to pump propane into the pipes, though.

No, I don’t have anything to make the motorcycle noise… if I come across something I don’t think I could possibly pass it up. I’ve heard rumor of an actual StingRay part made to be strapped onto the child’s bicycle. Anything that makes the noise would be awesome.

The sissy bar off the back, the ape hanger handlebars on the front. The flames that shoot out of the exhaust pipes. These would all be awesome. Maybe someday. If it means I get the previously mentioned pillion passenger then it would be worth the work.

Realistically, I would also love to replace the rear reflector with a functional tail light. I’ll give the playing card a shot sometime next summer. (Parade season)

My advice is to get the sissy bar on there first, then start working on the long-legged lady. It’s a kind of chicken and egg thing…

Another picture of the old Excessory Cycle. The Rrraw Power device was kept in the saddlebag. The handle sticks out the right-hand side, and can be twisted while riding (or while sitting on the rear rack).


Very nice.
Looks like you went with your own frame and didn’t need the flat strap frame I sent you. I had been looking at getting tail pipes but decided against it, I went with the twisted bird cage pedals instead.

Here is the tail light I put on my chopper, I took the 12v. lamp out and fit up 5 flashing red LEDs and put a blue LED through the center of the lense like an old school tail light jewel.


Hey Al, I do still need the frame I bought from you. I had already had this frame built (though not accessorized). I knew I wasn’t going to let other people crash the fender & tailpipes and would need a 2nd uni that other people could ride with the same 4+ inch tire.

That would be the ultimate answer.

So, where’d you get the tire?

And, How’s it ride, other than feeling like a horse?

IMHO, don’t do to much else to it. I think it’s awesome the way it is. Much more might be overkill. It’s unique yet tasteful.

Thanks everyone.

The 4.25 Big Boa tire (& rim) I used came from the back wheel of one of the new Schwinn Stingrays.

There are commercially available unicycles now that use the same sized tire.