My Chiropractor, how I came to ride... and more.

When I was a wee one, (teeheehee) about 11, I had a trampoline accident where I cracked a vertabrae. The movement of my spines vertabrae caused my sciatic nerve to get pinched. For 2 years they looked at my knees, and hips. Said I was having mental problems, and that was my problem. I went to a phsychiatrist(excuse the spelling please) and it helped other problems I had like with my father. But it made others because it didn’t help my back at all. Finally a doctor took X-Rays of my back and saw the movement. We realised what was wrong. I was in a back brace for 3 months. All day. ALL DAY. Improvement, massive. But this weekend my back. After months of therapy, and chiropractors I finally got well. It took 4 years I had 3 months of pain free living. Back pain freedom, and perfect leg movement.

On September 2nd of the year 2001 on the way home from getting dinner a woman ran a red light and we hit her. Back to stage 2. We knew the problem but not an effective way to fix it. At this time I had tried every sport I could think of, skateboarding, rollerblading, biking, and more… but I came to one sport that I could do. Unicycling. It took some time but I got it. And slowly I felt improvement in my back.

After a year from the car accident I started going to a recommended chiropractor who did things different. He wanted to know my life. I told him my diet, sleep habits and everything but that I rode. Because I don’t want Unicycling to be taken from me. He was talking to my dad while I was getting a massage(teeheehee) when he came over and astonishingly asked if I Unicycled. I said yes. He astonishingly recommened me not to stop, and to do it reguraly! He said it was the best thing I could do to strenghten my back muscles and I never thought of it like that. I plan on Unicycling till I can’t! And a Doctor told me too!

This isn’t a story of pain and a sympathy seeker. This is triumph in it’s greatest glory.

Take Care

-David :smiley:

Re: My Chiropractor, how I came to ride… and more.

I’ll second that. Happy unicycling David :wink:


Thank you Ken. I’m sure to have it. Hopefully my TUni will be ready tommorow! Can’t wait. You too and ride safe.

Re: My Chiropractor, how I came to ride… and more.

> And a _Doctor_told me too!

Hmm… When I broke my wrist, the nurse who plastered it
said “Unicycle Hockey! You deserved it.”. And the physio
said “Unicycle Hockey! You won’t be doing that ever again,
will you?”

My most recent injury is a serious pain in the arse (I bounced
on my coccyx), but I think I won’t bother the doctor with it…

Arnold the Aardvark

My Chiropractor, how I came to ride… and more.

Maybe you should, though!

A (possibly) broken tailbone just isn’t funny.

Re: My Chiropractor, how I came to ride… and more.

> A (possibly) broken tailbone just isn’t funny.

If it was broken, I think I would have been screaming in agony,
rather than merely whining a lot, on the 17 mile ride I did yesterday.
It was less fun than it might have been, but I’m glad I went. Not sure
the others were so glad, though… :wink:

Thanks anyway.

Hope it gets better.

My chiropractor…

I have started unicycling at 66.I was well aware of my 3 fractured lumbar vertebral arches (close to the facetal joints).
The codition aquired when doing gimnastics at youth.I had it under control keeping my lumbar erectrs relaxed(at will).
Neverless I had increased discomfort after beginnin of the uni-venture.I was bewitched with unicycling so decided MAKE IT OR BRAK IT (almost as I have broken the arches at gimanastics - trying to ‘strighten’ my back)By ± 3 month the discomfort subsided.My back is no problem at all one year and 9 months down the line.