My CF base failed me :(

Well… I was riding with a few people today and I ended up snapping my carbon fiber seat-base after about 5 minutes of riding. I was going for an inward varial sideflip down a 3 set and I landed on the seat but fell and heard a snap. At first I though just my post broke. I went over to my car and got my spare post. But then I realized that my CF base was snapped to (it was snapped on both walls, not completely broken in half, but you couldn’t really hop without breaking it completely)…

This is most upsetting…

How many people have broken theirs so far?

P.S. it held strong for 13 months.

1, Joe.


I’ll probably get a pic eventually…

I’m not sure if it would be very easy to see though, with just a pic(I’m not exactly the best photographer either), but I’ll do what I can (eventually when I’m not to lazy).

Edit: Luke Collalto broke his CF base too… I think maybe one other person but I’m not sure(Ryan Atkins?).

Gee… that blows.
It SHOULDN’T snap in just over a year.
See if you can get it replaced?

I’m assuming you had a piece of plastic or rubber between the post and the base right?

I did a bit of searching and found out that Luke once snapped a carbon base I don’t know if he had anything between the base and the post though.

I’ve never heard of anyone snapping a base if they had that before. I have heard of someone snapping a scott wallis base where the post connected to the base.

I had like 3 layers of duct tape in between. But it snapped at the walls, not close to the seatpost, so that shouldn’t have really had much effect.

One of the other Wellington riders, Muzzle, snapped his CF base also. I haven’t seen him posting in a long time.

Me either, sounds complicated.

The seatpost is still where all of the force gathers. I’m sure someone else can put that in more proper terms, but still maybe on your next one you should try using something with a bit more give. Duct tape isn’t really known for its lasting elastic properties. A chunk of tube or piece of rubber bucket type material would work a lot better.

I’m not sure you completely understand the nature of the snapping…

I’ll get up a pic sooner or later. My digital camera is broken all of a sudden. It survived a 100 foot fall and then broke from just sitting there a few months later (it turns on and then immediately turns off). I’m not sure if a phone pic will do it justice…

Erik Doane broke his too…

so is it just broken around the part where it bends up around the bottom of the base? that’s an odd place to break if so… before I thought about it I was going to blame the multiple broken posts you’ve had in the last year on the weakening of the base. ut if it’s no where near the post then that’s just weird…

It’s broke Jim.

When I was growing up we were happy when a plastic seat base lasted for more than a month. We also had to do our sideflips uphill both ways.

When you get the seat cover off and a picture, I wonder if it will be obvious where the failure started from. It could have started at the lip or in the middle by the bolts.

The CF seat bases are actually carbon fiber sandwiched around a fiberglass core. It’s cheaper and easier that way than making it all out of carbon fiber. The fiberglass core is probably what failed.

Composite materials (such as carbon fiber & fiberglass) are generally not as strong under compressive loading vs tensile loading. In terms of seat bases, this means that while it is unlikely to break due to yanking and tugging on the handle, an abrupt impact with the ground (or perhaps your butt) can cause them to crack, buckle or shatter.

They don’t last forever, just like everything else.

He lurks :slight_smile:

He just broke his frame last week or so.

(still rides)

No warranty, I’m afraid :frowning:

So - sounds like a number of people have broken the standard CF bases.

Has anyone broken a Wallis CF base yet?

I’ve tried several times… to no avail.

First, I snapped a handle off, causing the seat base to bash into the concrete. A small crack appeared, but the base is still running strong 2 years and many UPDs later.

Second, I mangled a seatpost. A Primo Rod, to be specific. Broke the bolts holding the post to the seatbase and twisted the flanges on the post. The seatbase didn’t even show a scratch.

As entropy said, I think the only way this base will break is if it makes hard contact with the ground or some other immovable obstacle. It seems to be built with a wide safety margin for rider-applied forces.

Its definitely well made, but someone can break it like UDC base I thing… You must consider that there arent many SW bases around…

I would be pretty happy if my base last for one year…

Sorry Im on Adriens keyboard and its different

Yes, Evan Byrne, although not completely (thread). Impact with pavement, as you’d expect.