My catahoula loves to go unicycling with me. Tips please?

I recomend this.

When taking my dog for walks with someone else, he would get confused when I would use right or left in our conversations. Luckily this was relatively early in his training, so I switched to “gee” and “haw” with excelent results.

Clickers, Gee and Haw, all sound like things I’ll use.


My wife just heard the neighbors across the street say: Oh, look. The unicycle guy got a dog! I’ll have to introduce myself. :slight_smile:

So this morning it worked great. Went twice around the park, that’s 3.2 miles times 2.

We even did circles with her on the inside and on the outside. She’s great on the outside, and a bit of a problem on the inside, but certainly I can see where it won’t be long.

Except when she saw a squirrel (one even crossed the road in front of us). With squirrels, she’s off and running, but I jerk the leash and USUALLY she gets right back in line. She’s 40 pounds of 10 month old, and rarely pulls me down. There was one scary moment when she crossed in front of me to get a squirrel on the right, and I dismounted quickly to avoid anything worse!

Now with this squirrel thing, I’m really trying to go against her instinct, and I hear this is a long term training issue.

Going around the park, she basically “heeled” on my left, right next to me. very impressive, if I do say so myself. This is a necessity, because bikers, roller bladers and runners use the park, as well as wandering families with children. Initially, Gala would get some distance from me, and if there’s like 3 separate groups spaced out across the road, there’s the risk she won’t be close enough to me and she’ll try to go on one side of someone whiel I’m forced to go on the other side, due to space considerations. you can see where that would be a problem. So this close “heeling” thing is great. It’s also great that the park is “car free” all weekend. During the week, they let cars use the road for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, rush hour.

any techniques for increasing speed confidence?

I don’t know if there’s any help with this next issue, but I may as well ask.

During the HOT weather, Gala just didn’t run all that fast for that long.

But now that it’s cooling off, she’s racing for long distances, reaching her two front legs out at the same time like a husky and really pulling.

So today, I found myself going too fast on my Coker, which made me scared. Like much faster than I could run, if I had a UPD.

I would like to increase my speed anyway. Aside from padding up, is there any techniques for increasing speed confidence?



learning to spin fast on a smaller wheel comfortably. use a 20" or something small with the same length cranks as your coker, and just practice going as fast as you can and work on technique.

I HATE small wheels now. But I’ll give it a try…