My Brother Is Selling T-shirts

ok. so here is the deal. i made a thread like 5 months ago asking for some ideas for tshirts that you guys would like to buy. so far i have only gotten the i-Uni idea. im sure i could come up with some sweet desines but it would be good to have some help.
here is what i got.

there has to be atleast 3 orders of any kind of shirt before my brother will start making them. payments must be recieved before we make and ship the shirts

$15.00 shipped unless you live outside of the united states


youth small to adult extra large. so pretty much all the sizes.

if you wanna buy one email my brother

oh yeah. all ideas are apreciated. post your ideas here or email my brother.


that would be a great shirt i think, if there was an iupd shirt i would definatly get it before any of the other shirts (i wont be getting one though, sorry)

it might be an idea to try to contact some of the big distributors of unicycles in north america… they would buy alot more. which would increase the profits. i like the t shirts though!

hey! nice tshirts how much is postage to the uk???

is there going to be any copywrite issues with this?

I’d buy the iStreetUni one if it didn’t have the font. Just my opinion.

No offence but i wouldnt like to send my money to you, hoping that i receive one. Maybe email UDC and Bedford to see if they will sell them through there shops. I do like the street one and the last one about the bike, i would by them if they were on UDC:D

There was a UPD shirt, which pwned all. But SOMEONE coughERICcough stoped making them, which was lame. So, eric you bastard, start making them again.

Just to let all know, there shouldn’t be a copywrite issue. It is talked about on gilby’s website I think, about how when using something as a parody you don’t need no permission.

UPD will eventually be back. With some other designs as well.

I have a Catboy UPD shirt and it kicks ass. I would buy the iuni shirt for sure. And I would totally send you money and get the shirt later, as I trust ALL unicyclists. The person who posted the UDC shop idea has obviously been burnt before, but getting the shops involved would only increase the price.

if you want one email my brother.

and if you have any ideas email my brother as well.

It just struck me today that it would (to me) be way funnier to have one sayng MUNi.

But that might just be me.

I like the I street uni, I uni ( but the hair looks a little strange), I Muni ( the first one) and the If it were easy shirts! they are awesome.