My black 36 uni got stolen!

Please if anyone finds any information about the whereabouts of my black 36 inch unicycle with break by Kris Holm let me know. The uni has been reported as stolen to the police. Tips on how to find it back are welcome.

Have you joined all the Facebook pages for buying and selling unicycles?

I don’t think so. Could you give the names of the fb groups please?

From where was it stolen? Must be a nightmare.

So sorry to hear that. Who would do such a thing? I trust you are able to get it back.

Oh that sucks! You’re probably already doing this, but are you also keeping an eye on Marktplaats? I just scrolled back to June 22 using simply the search word ‘eenwieler’ and only saw the usual small ones… but you never know, it might still show up there if it was recently stolen.

It was stolen in Sittard at the court yard of my new house after having spend my third night.

I reckon you don’t have insurance for your unicycles. I believe I upped my “inboedelverzekering”, because of my 10 unis. Altogether they are worth a few thousand euros, but then again, their value will be less with usage. Not sure how that would work.

Years ago, I retrieved my stolen unicycles by calling all of the bike shops in my local area and asking them to keep an eye out for unusual unicycles. Two of my Munis had been stolen out of my car, parked in front of the house. The thief brought them both to the bike shop nearest my house, and wanted them to remove the splined cranks from my DM ATU. They called me, I called police, and got to see him taken away by them, and got my unicycles back! :smiley: I think I was very lucky.


According to this link, it could be covered by the ‘inboedelverzekering’ if the theft could be classified as a burglary.

See also this link about claiming stolen bicycles at the ‘inboedelverzekering’:

So in Antoine’s situation it probably depends on whether it was a locked or open courtyard? It seems you can only claim it if it’s a locked courtyard and there are signs of damage to the gate.


Good thinking were there a lot of bike shops you had to call? I was thinking that unicycles wouldn’t be worthwhile to steal as you’re pretty limited to who you could sell it to. I suppose scrapping it for parts is viable or just screwing around with someone else’s ride.

Hope you get your Uni back Antoine, how did they manage to get to it? Did they break in to your place? Or just grabbed it when you were out and about and away?

Suspicious that someone is selling 36" parts in your area, posted at the same time! :rofl:

I have a few running queries on Marktplaats and Facebook is also showing me most bikes and stuff, but since you’re from Sittard it’s very well possible that it’s going to be sold in Germany or Belgium.

For Germany this site is has all sorts of expensive mountainbikes, trial bikes etc for sale:

Not sure about Belgium, but if you post this in the Eenwieler Community Facebook group, I’m sure there are plenty who could keep an eye out as well:

I can’t remember how many places I called (this was around 2002). I also called pawn shops, all of which insisted they would never sell stolen goods. So how do they ensure everything coming in the door belongs to the person who brought it in?

You’re right about unicycles not being good resale items in the non-unicycling world, even if they are rare and unusual, as both of these were. But thieves don’t think that far ahead. As it turns out, this kid wanted the DM’s splined cranks for a BMX bike. The DM ATU (All Terrain Unicycle) was the first unicycle you could buy that had a splined axle & cranks. You can see Kris Holm riding one in some of his earlier videos. We got them in 1999. The other Muni was a Roger Davies hand-built carbon frame, with 26" wheel. Unfortunately those were made before the “advent” of fat tires for Muni, and wide tires wouldn’t fit in it, so it stopped getting much use after I got the ATU.

Professional/experienced thieves will be choosy about what they steal. For everyone else, they steal something is because it isn’t nailed to the floor. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had two other unicycles get stolen. The first was my original 24" Miyata, which we believe was the first one to be sold in a Michigan bike shop (1981). It was in my 1975 VW Beetle the UniBug when that car was stolen. The second was my custom Track uni, which was stolen from the stands at the Track, at Unicon X in Beijing. Bastards!

The unicycle who got stolen was a Kris Holm 36".
I’am selling parts of a Nimbus 36" unicycle.

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Kris Holm - Nimbus… what’s the difference. 36 == 36 :smiley: :smiley:

Maybe a 125 hub vs a 100 hub?

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Really? Does the KH have a smaller Q factor than the Nimbus? I bought the Nimbus coz it was cheaper, but as I don’t ride it so often, I notice every time how wide it is.

RVS is selling parts of different color and profile than mine. So he is offering a clean deal.

Unfortunately the courtyart had an open gate to the street without a lock. But I could try and convince insurance that it is otherwise.

Didn’t it had a padlock from Praxis which was conveniently cut upen and found near the gate?
These things cost around 20-30 euros which is a lot cheaper than a new uni :wink: