My Birthday Present

Well, it finally arrived - or at least it was given to me today. My beeeautiful (and relatively cheap! Thanks Darren!) KH24 Freeride arrived today, after two long long months and one even longer night of waiting. We bought it for the Bedford halloween sale, so I got a little bag of candy, some stickers, a bedford hat, and a free KH poster with it. Pretty rad when you consider it wasn’t even full price to start with. woot, bedord!

I took it out of the box this morning, and having spent lots of time on staring at all the components, it was kinda surprising how real they were, but also how small some of the stuff, like the rails bracket, was. I had to take about an inch off the seatpost, but now it rides fine.

And there’s something else… for a minute or two, when I was outside, I doubted. I was riding on pavement, and I couldn’t even idle! I couldn’t ww the thing, hoptwists were about the same. The fusion seat is some sort of crazy low profile thing, and definitely has the dual-density foam. I took some air out of the tire and hopped around a bit. Very nice. The spokes need a bit of tension. I was worried that the cranks would be really long, but that turned out not to be a problem, and I found the scariest thing was the pinned pedals. After having ridden a 20" freestyle with those little United stick-pedals, it was definitely weird riding the Snafus. I really stuck to the uni for some of those upds!

Finally, having had somewhat of a sub-par experience in my driveway, I decided to take it for a run around the lake. The minute I hit the trail, everything just snapped into place. I was tractoring up hills I’ve never ridden up before, and I didn’t actually make it that far around the lake before a side-trail caught my eye. It looks like something the local DH bike crew rides, and oh man was it fun! It intersects and follows a crushed-rock trail now and again with stairs in it, and I had no problems riding down those. The duro sticks like glue to anything at all, and before I knew it I was bombing down some narrow singletrack.

Anyhow, I have to get my girlfriend now so we can go celebrate my birthday (make of that what you will :smiley: ), so my ride wasn’t long, but one thing’s for sure, I’m not dissapointed in any way. The thing is a lean, mean, muni machine. Once I learn to hop a bit I should be set to pick up some street tricks. wahoo!


The KH 24" freeride rules:D
It rides so smooth throug rough terrain

yup those things are sweet!

man, I really want one now…that sounds awesome!!

Get one, and go to Moab James!

I’ll try…

If you get one, you definitely won’t regret it. :D:D:D

is there any difference between the freeride and the cross-country besides the tire?

The rim is narrower, and the cranks are 15mm shorter as well, I believe. It still has the same seat/rails bracket/frame and all that though.