My biggest unicycling achievement!

Today, i had went riding around my area hopping off / on to some curbs for fun. I then moved on down to the train station, where i found a huge set of stairs (about 17 steps high, and about 5-6 inches in each step). As soon as i had saw it, i just had to have a go at hopping up it, after around 5 attepmts i was realy tired but i was very determined. Some of the times i had got about half way, which was realy hard. My hands were numb, and i could hardly grip the front of my unicycle seat with 1 hand, so i had to use 2. Some people gathered at the top of the stairs and watched me fail again, and again. Then i said to myself, “Damnit! i can do this!”

Then, i hopped up around 8 of the steps, and had to still stand to keep my balance, then hopped up to the 3rd top step, when i almost fall over. I got scared and quickly hopped up the stairs as fast as i could. I made it! i was so tired, but happy too. I then walked home with my unicycle by my side.

I did this with my 24" Dodger. Not the purpose of the unicycle, but i’ve got nothing else :smiley:

I will try getting a picture of the stairs soon.


why did you walk home with your uni by your side!?!?!?!? why not ride it? it would have saved your tired arms from pushing it along. anyway Best congradulations! i remember when one pallette was a hard thing to do! keep going dude

I couldn’t ride it back home because i was realy tired and dehydrated, i should have brought some money so i could go and get a drink from the shop. When i tried riding it back, i was wobbling everywhere, didn’t wanna risk hitting any cars :slight_smile: