My biggest drop yet

Hey all, I just got my biggest drop in today. It was 3 feet 9 inches. Obviously no Suzue-buster, but it was definetly the height where I felt slightly uncomfortable with the possible outcome (but still confindent enough that I would probably land it fine.

Thank you Kris for teaching the roll out method at the TOque games, and Ryan for reminding me over and over again on our trials ride that I ‘forget’ to rollout.

What pushed me? I was on the stage (it’s a public bandshell in the park)
I was hopping at the edge, looking down, contimplating. Some biker yells out, ‘Hey, if you do it, I’ll do it!’ [on my 4" travel F+R squishy bike :roll_eyes: ]
I shrugged it off, and took an easier line down, I wasn’t ready.

Then, maybe 20 mins later the bike rode off. So I had to.

‘if that guy with a training wheel (not Sendfairy, the biker) can do it, how hard can it be ?!?’ So I did it, and it felt pretty good (not the showing up the guy, that was all in jest) but the landing something uncomfortably high. :slight_smile:

Nice to know the uni holds up fine…to my current level of ‘I’ll never go bigger than this’

I forgot, no pic doing it (Drewnicycle will have to vouch for me, although he probably ‘forgot’ it already.

here’s a pic showing the scene.


Very nicely done. I did my biggest drop so far very recently as well – on Saturday, in fact. I was playing around at the local grocery store and saw they had a rather tempting loading dock. I went off it once, but had my weight too far back (I think I was trying to brace myself for the landing) so the tire slid out from under my about a half a second after contact. Tried it again, landed with my weight a little further forward, pedalled out of it and… stayed up!

I’m not sure how high it was, but it came up to the bottom of my seat, so assuming our munis are similar (I think they’d be very close to the same height… you could ride mine fine with the seatpost at the same level, as I recall) you have 4-5 inches on me… actually, wait one – I’ll go get a measuring tape.

Yup, looks like I’m looking at dead-on 3 feet. Hmmmm… must find taller object.


right on, Eli, are you still in Hamilton?

The sexy orangeness of your pimp ride surely lent help, yes?


coff coff Yellow coff …but Yes!

(it was geting fairly dark out)

Ahhh…let me see… if I squint my eyes just right


That’s better. My monitor is going, it’s hard to tell between some colours sometimes, so I don’t bother adjusting my coluors, as it sometimes screws the pic up for everyone but me. My new laptop I’ll be getting in a few weeks won’t have this problem :slight_smile:

KH seat…

It appears that that seat is the KH Velo seat. Right on. The KH is the comfiest seat I’ve ever ridden.

My highest drop was also about that height, but dropping onto some forgiving grass. I know what you mean about being uncomfortable. My bro video’d that one. I’d attach it, but it would take too long. I’ll have it in the movie (SAUTUMOV) when I find out how to make a gallery… it’s gonna be cool.

LOL… my biggest Drop… :stuck_out_tongue:

not high… but im getting KH hub etc soon… so watch this space (and your shed roof!:smiley: )