my best hand rail ever

today some biker friends of mine and i went street riding and i did the best hand rail i’ve ever done it was only a three stair but i got on it smooth, slid it smooth, and rode away smooth

2 words

vide - oes

no can do on the video i don’t even have it on film, but i would like to make a street video sometime

videoes is that prnounce viddy-o-ees or something?


:smiley: i can’t beleive the thread about what is my greatest unicyciling accomplishment has been jacked by the pronunciation of Videos

oh well i think it’s Vide-ooos

Tight dude.:stuck_out_tongue:

sweet man… but can i jack your thread to ask another question?
how big is the average handrail in the us/canada? so many more of you guys can do handrails than us and i want to know if thats cos your handrails are lower or you can all just hop higher…

i have to be selective of my handrails, the average one in the UK comes up to my hip, which is about 33" (1 metre) and i cant hop that high…
if they are steep i can hop outwards to hit them… but then you slide really fast and you can only do short ones…

if any of the brits want a handrail learning tip…

rails in primary schools are generally lower than average, cos the people are littler!

You vid-noobs