MY Bedford MUni...up in flames

Ahhhhh :smiley:


Now, what about a full fender (as per an Indian motorcycle), leather tassles on the pedals, a whitewall tyre, and a very large chrome headlight? You could shorten the forks a bit too to make it a low rider…

I’ve often thought that a hotrod unicycle would be fun.:wink:

Mikefule: the rebel without a clue

You actually can’t see it in this picture, but there is a hydrualic lift kit installed…I can lower and raise the seatpost 2 inches while I wait at traffic lights

hhhhhhhh that’s so cool. Can’t wait to get my decals (once Darren posts pics of how the decals look on chrome)

He has black flames, those would look good on chrome (they sure looked awesome on red!)

Great looking flames, and Muni Sofa.

Is the yellow rim one of those super strong, indestructable rims? What Bedford Muni is yours? Their website lists tons of models for Muni, yet no pictures? --chirokid–


That Bedford site is horribly outdated and barely reflects what stock he has.

This is the ‘typical’ Bedford 3" frame (same as a Yuni frame on and the Alex DX-32 rim (one of the indestructable ones offered…the best bargain of the lot, that’s for sure)

Still debating whether or not to replace the suzue hub with a KH setup, I doubt I will…they don’t come in yellow.

Wow, it screams “Make Me Muddy And Let Feet Have Their Way With Me!”.

Alas! I do not have flammable frame. Or a big squishy gazz. Or a nice cushy velo seat.

But I do have a dust cap on my inner tube.

I don’t want the extra rotating weight

:astonished: thats one nice lookin muni

Yes Sofa that is one nice looking MUni…
I remember trying it on the trails and it rode beautifully.
Now you just need some of the flamed stickers for your car