My Bedford Coker (A Thing of Beauty)

Sand blasted, Magura mounts welded on, Powdercoated and Flamed.
Nice Job Darren!!!


One More

thats one sexi beast! you gonna get out and ride it or just keep starin’ at it. is the saddle yoru own modification of a fucion saddle or somthing else modded using a fusion cover?

So is the wheel steel or aluminum?

The SeatAirseat

It looks like aluminum, Darren called it alloy, I’ll try a magnet on it.

That is one good lookin’ ride :slight_smile:

Very nice ride alltogether.

I must ask, how is the saddle(as far as comfortability goes) on long rides. It seems with the layers of foam, air and gel that it should be pretty cushy and preventative of saddle sorness on long rides.

That is one extremely handsome wheel!

Looks awesome…Im jealous! If you are ever up for a long distance ride over the summer let me know.

I took it on it’s maiden voyage last night. Only 2 1/2 miles. It was great, already feeling comfortable on it. The seat was very comfy.
It remains to be seen how it will feel on a long ride but I think it’s a great seat (not that I have any other airseat to compare it to).
I’ll be insatlling the brake on it soon. I’ll see how it performs on this rim. It seems to have a good braking surface.


what size cranks are those on there?

they look kinda long


Nice looking ride!

This looks like one of the new aluminum rims we’ve been hearing about. I wonder how strong they are compared to the Airfoil. Or, rather, I wonder how weak they are compared to the Airfoil. Isn’t the Airfoil a multi-channel cross-section? This looks like a single channel cross-section rim. I wonder if it is stronger or weaker than the single channel cross-section steel rim.

How many built up wheels does Darren have in circulation? It would be interesting to hear feedback from the owners.

The Bedford flames look great on that machine.

its so pretty!!

::tear:: ::tear::

What what I seem to be hearing, they aren’t actually aluminum rims, but steel rims that look like aluminum alloy.

It is a Steel or Ferrous rim. A magnet sticks fast to it.
The cranks are 150’s.

Quote from E-mails to Darren Bedford:

> On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 08:00:33 -0500, Phil wrote
> > Hey Darren,

How much for a Coker shipped to Below Address.
These have alloy rims? Fairly strong? How does it compare to an airfoil?

> The unicycle would be 350.00 US with shipping.

> The rims are wide like a steel Coker rim but it is alloy.
> Much nicer. Alloy are always better than steel.
> Lighter, stronger, true better, etc…
I am out of air seat covers right now.

> Let me know if you want one.
> Darren

I’m still very happy with my new Coker. The workmanship on the extras is excellent. I just feel somewhat misled on the rim.
There is the possibility that Darren believed these rims to be other than steel.

It’s single channel cross section, and probably exactly the same as the old stock rim in all but finish. the braking surface may be better. I’ll be taking mine to the British Unicycle Convention if any of those who know what they’re on about want to have a look or play. I’ve no substantial experience to compare the new rim to I’m afraid