My BC wheel.

Hey yall whats up. I just made a BC wheel. Its not fully complete but I have been trying to ride it. I can get about half a block.

Anyways, I made it out of a Mongoose Hoop D front B*ke tire. I found the plates out of a steel piece i found in a scrap yard. I figured i would paint them white. Here are some pics.

Heres 1.

Hmmm didn’t work.

Try again.

Sorry bought that, my first time attaching stuff.
Can someone help?


My first bit of advice would be not to take up a profession in computers :- )

Try resizing it

IM sorry im dumb. How?

People say you can do it in Paint, but I can’t seem to figure out how. I just resize stuff in Photoshop, or a program that came with my digital camera. Maybe someone else can offer more help.


Open it in paint. Look at the size of the picture in attributes. Then go to stretch/skew and put in a percentage that will make it shrink down to 800 on the bigger number. Make both percentages the same so it doesn’t get screwed up.

Finally I believe it worked.

picture 2 006.jpg

And another.

Buzz down those bolts at least a little.

ya ,i just made a bc wheel , not really finish i just have pegs not platforms which i would like to put on

When you say bolts do you mean the axle? Ya it cuts into my ankle. I have to push off something to get going. I am afraid if i jump on it then the axle will bend.

DO yall get tire burns on the side of you legs? I have had a problem with this and have had to wear my shin pads sideways.

shin pads or sixsixone armor is good.

I get burns when I ride an ultimate wheel.

Did you make the bends in the plates with a vise or an ironworker?

Also, Kev is right, chop that axle. It’s gonna bend inevitably.

that tire is pretty mob for just a BC wheel. and you really should chop that axle, and nice platforms.