MY BC Wheel (with pictures)

I ordered a rear wheel for a trial bike the other day thinking I would turn it into a BC wheel. So it was a Monty Quando Hub and an Alex DX32 rim. And yesterday I took it to a welder in my town asking if they could make me plates. So the made me some plates. And when the were done we asked how much money do you want and then they said “Just go have fun”.

Then went over to a sports store in my town to get some fine thread bolts and to take the rear sproket off. We asked him too, how much money do you want and then he said “have a good day”.

So I got the wheel for $12 on ebay and then the Echo Supa Tire for $10 on ebay and decided to put it on my Uni and the CC on the BC. So the wheel and the tire with the shipping and everything else was free. So I have this BC wheel for $30.

So now ive got this BC.



Tell Me What You Think.


dam thats cheep, looks good. Be interesting to see if it holds up to abuse

I still don’t understand why does a BC wheel need a fat grippy tire. Other that its mean look :roll_eyes:

it doesn’t.

should have got a bmx 14mm front hub, even if you wanted a trials bc. what diameter axle does it have? anything below 14mm will bend.

looks good for the money you spent, just be sure to put some griptape on it.

ya im not sure about that stuff but i doubt it will bend because im onlike 78 lbs.

it will ad stability (doesn’t fall over as easly)