My BC wheel finally came!!!

It’s a beast.

After about 4 tries I skate-style mounted and rode until I was going to slow to keep my balance.

To me I think i’m progressing really fast, I got it last night and i can already hop up a 6" curb, and ride away. ive also landed a 2 set.

BC wheeling is easier than I thought.

sawndwich boards.jpg

if you want better pics just ask. i can take some more tomarrow when its lighter outside

thats a damn fine bc wheel youve got there

I’m getting one of those in august. With a HOT PINK RIM!

nice bc wheel… i`ve only tried a bc with 1.95 tire…

out of couristosity is that a Maxxis CC tyre you have on that BC?

Looks like a luna tire to me

Are those the new lower plates?

They should be the old ones, because I e-mailed darren and he said he woudn’t be making the lower ones until late august. I could be wrong though.

i believe they are the old plates

and yes, it is a luna tire.

Yeah, they are the normal plates, I don’t even have the better version of the lowered ones so I doubt you do.

For some reason Evan thinks your rim is orange and I say its yellow. Tell him I am right.:slight_smile:

you are right

you are right

Maybe its justreally really light orange??:stuck_out_tongue:

HA… Im pretty sure its yellow.

Acctually maybe its purple…

what if it isnt coloured at all. maybe everything around it is coloured weirdly giving the optical illusion that it is?

Evan still thinks it orange…

this is orange:


no sory but i am pretty sure that that there is brown

i hardly know anything about BC wheels but is that a 20" with pro platforms or is it a trials 20" with pro platforms or what cause i don’t know.

19"rim trials tire, pro platforms, powdercoated rim.