My Bc Got Here Today:d

i got my bc from darren today:D:D after about 20 minutes of riding my furthest was 40 feet but that was only once:p 7 outa 10 trys i just screw up the mount but its commin along nicely its soo great:D:D

its the reg street version 20" black tire and orange tape


yay !!!

Have fun with it my friend. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

hey… is it hard???

No, I learned in about 10 minutes how to balance on one, and about 5 minutes learning to skate mount.

After attempting to ride mine for a couple of days (as in not consecutive), I learnt to fly off it with gusto and attract an admirable crowd. pats myself on the back

when i made mine i welded the footplaes at different heights :frowning:
Now when i ride it, one leg is straight and the other is slightly bent!

got some pics of it?