My Backyard Trials Course Practice ..Whew

My Trials Course Practice. 40º and windy and a good backyard cardio workout…
Whooooo … ain’t as easy as it might look. Set this up to improve skills. Still have not gotten all the way around it without a spill. Good to have a challenge in life … even more-so at 50!
My big breakthrough is hopping up over 13" with my unicycle Seat Out In Front of me. SIF it is called in the unicycle world. High hopping has been my weak, weak point.
With practice though it will come!

Haha, The mightly Shug-meister is kickin’ a##! I see you even got a skate-type helmet and 661’s like moo-awwe! Good job keep at it! I’ll be making my backyard trials viddy straight away as well. :slight_smile:

Yeah … kickin’ my own a## more like it. Got the skate style helmet after my last good fall down concrete stairs in my last video. Took a whollop to the back of the noggin and always felt I could use a bit more protection there. I have had the 661’s for quite a while … learned a while back that protection is key. I also wear really wrist protecting glove/ wrist guard from Hillbilly. I think those save me a ton.
Hurry with your video … I look forward too it.

Yeah wrist guards can save your wrists and palms! And I like the skate helmet it seems to just have more head protection than standard mtb helmets.

Cool! It was quite short, but i liked it :).

Loved the music and hope that you continue to improve.

Hey Shug
I noticed that you played the mando and sang on one of your other videos. It was great! Did you play the music on this one too?
I play mando as well. I’m not quite as accomplished as you are on the mando or uni though! Great video!

Teah … too the point! Thanks.

I sure appreciate that and hope that I do!

Yeah that is me and a bunch of friends and even some I never met jammin’ and me picking the mandolin.
Mandos and Unis … an stellar combo!!!
Thanks for the kind words and keep on pickin’ and pedalin"