My Babies

All 5 Of my Unicycles in a Neat row!

Left to right:
N36 w/T7 & M-Brakes, Bedford 29, Bedford 24 w/KH onza Hub and Crank set, KH 20, and in the front Bedford BC Wheel

I have a great collection started! Can’t wait to get some more…Maybe a freestyle next!
I just got the N36 a few days ago and have not had much time to ride it! I am still playing with the brake position and seat height and all that fun stuff

Nice collection! What size cranks on the 36er…102mm?

Nice lineup sir. Can’t wait for our first ride.

Hmm, Whatever came on them I would say they are 5" which would make them…125mm? If I could find the time, and if the weather would coo-operate I would be able to get some good riding on it, and would probably know all the details as well.

Thanks, They all treat me very well!

Me either! I cant wait for the snow to leave! Still have over 1 1/2 feet up north here!

Yeah those definitly don’t ‘look’ like 102 mm…

Man the coker dwarfs the 29er!

Hey, mind if I join the party? It would be awesome to ride with some people from around here.

Cool setup! :slight_smile:

You’re gonna love Nimbus 36!

BTW, are you about 5 foot 9 inch? or about 175cm, if you’re a metric guy? I’m just looking at how much of your 36er’s seatpost is showing and wondering aloud :))

Man that 36 looks big next to 29

How do you decide which one to ride :wink:

very nice, i would sort out the brake pipe on the 36 though, they’re easily damagable and a pain to replace. Also get some grips or your T7 will get bashed up pretty quick.

Well this is taken from UDC Oz. :smiley:
29" is for road riding. The big wheel makes for a fast and smooth ride. You can also use this unicycle for off-road.

36" The commuting unicycle. If you are a speed fiend then consider one of these, they are fast and smooth. Not a learners unicycle at all and not for indoors.

I am about 5’ 6"

Ya before I put some KM on it, I will sort out the brake and seat height, I just havent the time right now

Awesome collection of wheels

Awesome collection Russell. The 36er looks like a mean beast there. And the 29er looks like a 24".

I need a collection like that…I am far from that now though…

Looking good,


My parents still don’t see the need for more than one! But I wont let my collection stop! I still could get a few more!

My original plan was to get a freestyle next, but somehow I just accidently clicked on the 36’er instead :roll_eyes: -Well actually I really bought it for RTL