My attempt at Flat

Just landed most of these today.

Not so good at flat, so hit me up with some pointers.

sorry if you dont like the song :sunglasses:

pretty good…didnt really like the music and that kid did he say “can u do something difficult?!”

hah ya…or maybe " can you do something different" i dont know for sure.


nice video, man. I liked it. Favorite clip was the hickflip to backroll, that was sick.:smiley:

J’aime beaucoup! jolies tricks! :slight_smile:

Sweet tricks man! Rember me from that uni meet a couple weeks ago?

Flatland unicycling? Sounds like bull shit to me.

I’m kidding, I loved it. :slight_smile: The hickflip to backroll was very crispy.

Nice vid, the rolling flat was alright, but the tech street flat stuff was cool, especially the hick-backroll like everyone else said.

Subbed your channel

The music was terrible imo though.

mike i loved it. you should definitly consider pursuing flat.

Cute kid.