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Hey all!

My article came out ahead of schedule! It was supposed to come out tomorow, but I got a call from the reporter (who did the story) today letting me know that it came out a day early. It has a front page “tease”, and a FULL page with many pics, on the front page of the “Today” section. The story continues on the next page with another pic and a lot more writing. I thought they did a good job overall, including their mention of THIS forum, the Moab even, and various other MUni websites! They did make a few errors in decribing the “levels”, as you will read. Speaking of “reading”, the scanned pics of the actual paper are hard to read, so here’s the link to the online version, sans the pics. There are 4 pages to the online story.

Btw, I had told the reporter that I was working on finishing level 3, but he said level 4…I’m not quite there yet, although I can do SOME of the stuff in Level 4. Again, not surprised at the mistakes; that happens ALL the time in the press!

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Forgot scanned pics! HEre they are…

here are the pics. The “unicode” lists stuff for trials too, even though the heading says it’s all for Muni. Yeah, lots of errors, but no big woop!



Awesome! Yet another good article on unicycling and unicyclists. Hopefully it will lead some lucky people into this sport!

Too bad for the mistakes though. They were really stupid, but I can see how they were made.

Lets take a look at this in detail:
ride backward for 10 minutes
one-footed for 10 minutes
seat out in front for 10 minutes
seat out in back for 10 minutes
= 40 min on the unicycle straight doing stuff. Not likely :P.

Another mistake:

Thats ok though, the article gets a very good message across and, once again, I hope it will get people interested in the sport!

Congrats! You did a great job!

Yeah, that’s the most glaring mistake(s). He sure didn’t get that from me! In fact, I actually gave him an official online source that outlines the rules and levels.
So I don’t know how he got it so wrong, but again, stuff happens!

You know, after re-aquainting myself with the levels, I guess I am actually verging on level 6, with some of 7 too, like the 180 hop twist. Cool!

i liked this part

to them its all so specially designed but to us its pretty tame…id love to hear what they have to say about the DM Vortex

but the article was great…good job.

That IS such a bitchin uni! Wish I could afford it…but then again, it’s probably a bit overkill for me.:smiley:

maybe …but you would grow into it:D

He misspelled ‘glossary’ on the unicode section heading thinger. While I try not to pick at spellings much, this is a newspaper. You’d think they’d get something like that right :frowning:

That’s pretty awesome…
I love how they have to define “hopping”

the problem was simple. the skill levels say ‘10 m’. we know that that means metres, but they must have thought it was minutes…

Ah ha! Very good deduction!:smiley:

Forgot to mention, but you may already know, those great shots (in the second post above) were taken at “Devil’s Slide” in Simi Valley, CA. I found out about this really fantastic spot a while back and I’ve ridden about 7 times now. Three times I had to hike back up as I was there alone without the aid of a shuttle. But with at least 2 riders who each have a car, it makes it just a great DH day with a car ride back up! So if anyone in the Los Angeles or wherever want to meet there for some amazing Muni terrain, PM me and we can set up a time/date to meet there. To all those going to Moab, I’ll see you there!:smiley:

I wish we had something like MOAB here in Ottawa :(.

ottawa isnt exactly prime muni territory…

Nope, but the gatneau hills are fairly decent.

Great article. Glad to see another old (;)) guy doing well. I am still hoping to get into my local newspaper. (Maybe if I keep riding past the newspaper office I will get their attention some day.)

Hey Terry,

Those pics are great! Too bad the reporter really scrambled the facts ( He obviously failed to even visit all the links).

Oh well, the article still has a nice vibe.

Old? No way man! :smiley: I’m actually in better shape than ever, (31 waist) thanks to this muni sport! Probably also helps to have good genes, and no smoking/drinking, not a lot of junk food or sugary sodas (diet only!) sunscreen religiously and plenty of sleep! (Boy, what a BORING life! :astonished: ) But seriously folks, I usually date women in their mid 20’s to early 30’s, and I’m pretty much always taken for about 30 something, so that’s not bad I guess! Still got quite a ways to go to get that Denny’s senior discount!


What a nice and positive article. That’s good compensation for the inevitable errors that will be made in the text by a writer, not a rider.

Hey, your famous. Well done!