My Apologies


During Dan Heaton’s stay here in Mandan I have released how much of a dick I have been on the forums. There is no need for any negitivity towards anyone for anything. From now on i’ll follow the if-you-don’t-have-anything-nice-to-say-don’t-say-anything-at-all way. I’m sorry if I have offended anyone. (Steve07 I still don’t like you, however I won’t mention it anymore.) I really hope to have a great time at FLUCK with all the amazing riders on the list to show up. Sorry again for all negitivity, and I really hope I haven’t let Kris or Darren down by my immature actions.

-Shaun Johanneson

Don’t worry about it Shaun.

Thats pretty cool Shaun. Whats Dan up to in the unicycling world?

This just made my respect for you rise threefold.

Put this “almost” apology in Just Conversation where it belongs. Looks like you’re homing in on integrity. You’re a bit wide to the right.

That’s the spirit.

have fun at FLUCK…

I wanna get a Dan Heaton uni…

Was I the only one who didn’t mind? Your a great rider, people listen to your advice, if you watch one of my vids and think it sucks, please, tell me. I don’t care if you call me a noob or other jazz. If you think a tricks sketchy, tell me, just also say when you think it’s good. I hope people don’t get offended easily, it’s the internet, nobody on the internet is a real person, geez.

Don’t, please. Some people need to be told they suck.


Hi Mike.

I agree, like if someone realy stinks you cant just put up with the smell or that person will always stink.

If theres something that you dont think is very good about someones riding give them some constructive critisism or if required some abuse :smiley:

I definately agree with sparky and mike. I didn’t see anything wrong with the way you acted before.
Mike’s right, who cares what you are like over the net, they don’t really know you therefore it doesn’t matter if they judge you, and like Mike said, take criticism, give criticism just make sure to praise sometimes. If you’re good then you’ll get the recognisition you deserve one way or another.


i forgive you and shaun do u have a relative named jesse whos 16 and lives in mass

Not in those words. Telling someone they suck is in no way constructive criticism. Saying a trick is a bit sketchy, saying that you might’ve not hopped soon enough, telling you to kick the cranks harder, etc. is ok. Those are good things to say. But “you suck” is never good.

I wanna get a Dan Heaton.

Wait a minute, dan was there? I’m so jealous of you Shaun. Kevin, Kelly and now Dan. So did you do much riding, will there be a vid?

Hey i’ve always wondered, who is your favourite rider Shaun?