My ankle hasn't healed in a week

Hey all, this might be a silly question but I don’t have much knowledge on these things.

A week ago, I tried to hop down a 5 set and my tire gave way just as I pushed off, ending up with me losing it and falling pretty hard down the stairs (must have looked hilarious to the bystanders :p). I ended up slamming my left ankle into the crank pretty hard. I continued riding with minimal pain but 4 hours later, while still riding the pain returned and I had to sit down.

The days after that saw me limping around, I couldn’t really put any pressure on the joint and the skin around it is a little reddened, 7 days later and I thought I would be ok to ride again but I wasn’t. I can cruise around but anything that involves more pressure than that starts up with a dull ache and gets worse as I go on.

It is improving slowly over the days so I don’t want to go to the doctor if it’s nothing, does this sound like a common injury to anyone? and if so any advice?

Reddened, as in purpleish?

If it’s just red, don’t put pressure on it, and it’ll heal faster.

No, just red around the scab, if it was purple I would be looking at a sprain, I think :thinking:

I’ve been trying to minimise the amount of pressure I put on it but I have to walk for about half an hour each day to get to university.

i sprained my ligament in my ankle… and it still hasn’t fully recovered. it’s been almost 9 weeks since i did it. this could maybe help… but it depends what you’ve done to your ankle exactly.

ive had that stuff happen a lot, i went to the doctor once about it and she told me that its not a sprain but a mild sprain. It took me a good 2 weeks of not riding. Ive done the same thing to my wrist also, its a real bummer but just give it time and take some anti inflammatory pills and keep as lil pressure on your ankle as you can to heal up fast.

Here’s the thing; Most of us aren’t doctors. Even if we were doctors, it’d be hard to know without being there. If it’s been a week and you can barely walk, you should probably see a doctor.

Oh, I’m more than aware of the difficulties of an accurate diagnosis over the internet and I wouldn’t post this if I felt that my ankle was seriously injured but as I said, it is making progress and I was just wondering if it’s a common injury and easily identifiable. I really don’t like going to the doctors but I would not hesitate to book in if it was appropriate :slight_smile:

I can walk on it easily but I obviously favour my right leg more. It’s just enough to keep me from being active and that’s really getting on my nerves.

A minor sprain? from my knowledge, isn’t a sprain the result of twisting/overextending the ligament? this was only a hard impact. As I said though, I don’t know much of these things.

If it is a sprain, should I be keeping ice on it as well as taking anti inflammatory pills?

if an injury heals within a week then i would not even consider it an injury. 2 weeks minimum for a minor injury anything less “tis but a scratch”

if you hit it real hard like an impact it may just be swelled up, you may of pinched a nerve. You may of also got a killer bruise, ive totally bruised my ankles and feet before and couldnt walk to well for a week. Keep taking anti inflammatory pills and also keep ice on it. Then also another good thing to do is to soak your foot in hot water and massage it, this will help loosen the muscles up.

If your foot is still hurting bad after week two i would suggest seeing a doctor cause you may of broken something then.