My albums are now organised...

I’ve just finished a lot of organisation of my gallery and albums. It’s now split into:
My Unicycles

  • 24" x 3" Custom Muni
  • Muni Photos
  • Muni Videos
  • Trials Photos
  • Trials Videos
  • Freestyle Photos
  • Freestyle Videos
  • Miscellaneous Photos
  • Miscellaneous Videos

And for those of you who have been having trouble moving phtos or videos into nested albums (like Eli and I) it’s now working.

The albums are at



That looks like a brilliant place to muni in the video. Great stuff!


But you haven’t even seen Mt. Cootha yet! I went out on my 3rd muni ride today (I’ve decided to count them) and took some photos and videos. Have another look at the albums and you’ll see a really fun, technical track called No. 9. I went out riding with the bunch of people I usually go mountain biking with. I got a head start and they caught up, then we went down No. 9 (or tried to) heaps of times, and continued the ride.

I had another great muni ride!