My A$$ Hurts!

I have a very uncomfortable uni seat! After just an hour of riding, my keester cant take it anymore! I think it is mostly because the back of the seat is either too skinny or too hard. I would very much like to know what type or brand of seat is the most comfy for riding long distances.

I havent rode one but i have heard air seats are very comfortable. Here is one on UDC.

Or you could make one:

Miyata Air Seat Conversion
I heard the KH seat and miyata are good too.

Or the JC air seat conversion

But what suits you depends on what type of unicycle it is, what type of riding you do, and the peculiarities of your body and your keister. What is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable at all for another person.

Air seats can be good for Cokers and munis. Air seats are not good for freestyle unicycles.

You weren’t riding a 20 inch Koxx were you?


ha. hahaha. hehehe.

where did u get that from air seats are the best some dont look very good but are seriously cumfy and its the bets i have ever tryed

My A$$ hyurts too, I’m always pulling out my wallet and spending money on unicycles… and there is NO REMEDY!!!

HAHAHAHA well atleast you won’t have any problems with your “dangly bits” seeing as how you’re Unick…stretches word for wanted significance a eunich.

If you don’t want to hand-build, get a Kris Holm seat. I just used one yesterday for a 14-17 mile ride with 4000’ of grueling, technical downhill. I was amazed at the end to realize my crotch was barely starting to be sore. That’s the best I’ve ever had on such a ride!

Remember, no two crotches are alike, so what works for someone else is not necessarily the best solution for you. You forgot to tell us what kind of seat you’re using now.

Actually my name is nick, so UNI + NICK =UNICK, but anyway, I have a 20 inch cheap department store one, but i’m about to get a 26 inch Sun. I’ll probably get an airseat, although $99 is alot (Im 12 years old, so most of my income is from allowance).

My seat is just a normal one with probably foam inside. It’s skinny, and curves upward longways, but it’s very flat on top, so the edges hurt after a while

O ya, I really don’t want to use bike shorts, especially the tight ones!

If you don’t “want” to use bike shorts, you don’t want to be comfortable an equal amount. You can use the mountain bike kind, that look like “regular” shorts.

For the ride I did yesterday, I specifically chose to ride with traditional, skin-tight bike shorts. This is inconvenient for me, as the lack of pockets is always a hassle. But I know those are more important than anything with multiple layers of material in the crotch area. It paid off handsomly. You can also wear skin-tight bike shorts under a pair of regular shorts, kind of like underwear.

For your seat, I’d recommend the KH. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll save a bunch of money.

Sounds like a Savage seat, throw it away immediatly, you’d be better off to just sit directly on the seatpost.

Also get bike shorts, they make a huge difference, and a Kris Holm Saddle iwill make a big differnce.

The seat on my Coker is now a gel/air saddle, quite comfy, but I’ve yet to ride a long haul on it.

For cheap you don’t need to buy an airseat…get a KH or a Miyata from unicycledotcom. 'cept the Miyata’s are out of stock for pretty much ever, so get a Torker LX seat, they’re basically the same, only not as pretty, in my not so humble opinion.