My 7yr. old practicing

Her are acouple of pictures of my daughter learning to unicycle. It was here first day.

Yeah, she likes the seat that way (you know how 7 yr. olds are) for now.

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I would agree that the seat needs to be raised. Don’t go as far as it takes to get the “nearly straight leg” that most of us prefer when riding, as a more bent leg is easier to learn on. But hers seat really is too low.
The other recommendation (having taught several youngsters to ride) is to make sure that she has a little more substantial shoe. The ones she is wearing in the picture may feel fine, but a tennis shoe will work better.

Yes, but you are the Authority Figure. Assert…

She will learn faster and be more comfortable riding if her ride is setup correctly.

PS: Cool to see she’s learning. My son learned at age 8, and we have had many fun years of riding together since. Riding with your kid is the best.

She did put on tenis shoes right after these photos. She got to where she could get all the way down the wall pretty good after a few minutes. She’ll be ready to try with the seat up a bit I’m sure. I had it furthur up to start but she insisted I lower it.

Shweeet. Hah, if i ever have kids. As soon as they learn to walk (or not) im padding them up and throwing a uni at them.

haha nice Chris that’ll be cool to see :smiley:

also its cool that your girl is learning the more the better

I find that girls pick up unicycling when their younger more then guys do. I’ve been to a lot of schools that have unicycles and sometimes its only the girls that ride them.

Its so cute ^.^

Agreed with posts above! Seat is WAY too low. There is no way she can even pedal learning with it that low even holding onto the wall. If she is “afraid”, put some knee, elbow and wrist guards. Then she wont have to worry about falling and can learn. Good decent tennis shoes will help her too.

yah, if my kid cant pop a crankflip at 3years old, I give him to adoption :stuck_out_tongue: