My 7th video (street)


i took advantage of three weeks of sun here (i’m in russia) to shoot some tricks and the landscape :wink: and to finally release my video7.

Some new tricks (for me) and a lot of former tricks that i lost during 3 months of snow and just had time to get again for this vid.

45Mo Xvid 2min30s
right click, save target as :


Great Vid!

I dont swear much on here, but that was fuckin’ awsome. Love that video, best Ive seen in while for sure. Some dope tricks, great shots and edited well(that was prety niffty with the background and transitions), music flowed right, and even some nice legs in there. Top notch man! This one is stayin on my computer.

awesome! ur smooth man, really smooth! loved the ladies too!!

I can’t see it :frowning:

download it and play it in VLC player

Russia is cool. :wink:

I only get sound:(

Are you using VLC cause it works fine for me sound and nice quality picture.

Nice full varial flip. I loved the bonus part.

can somebody put it out on youtube?:slight_smile:

For some reason whenever I download, it only plays the music. ???

Download the DivX codec.

Yeah, specially the first one…


Thank you for your comments,
Although i don’t like the reduction of picture quality, here is the vid in streaming :


cool vid, sweet flips

Thank for sharing :slight_smile:

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Nice :sunglasses:

What country was that you were filming in?
Looked similar to the area in this news broadcast.

That was awesome. I really liked the way you filmed and edited the beginning. That full varial flip was really nice.


Yeah, for the first part i didn’t know if i needed to put transitions (because it seemed tiring for the eye) or to let the screens one after another. Everybody seems to like this way so that’s great.

Both videos were made in Cherepovets, Russian Federation. These are the 2 files on my dailymotion account.