My 6yo son is riding!

I am extremely proud of my son, Emmett, who has been working on uni’ing for about a year now. He’s somewhat noodly when it comes to his core muscles (in fact, his kindergarten teacher recommended OT last year, which I undertook myself), so it was quite an accomplishment that he rode 24 revs this evening on his 16" uni! I think that unicycling will do wonders for his core muscles – much more effective than OT in his case because his issues are so minor. Also, uni’ing is a lot more fun than occupational therapy work!

Emmett’s timing was a bit off for the uni convention last week. Had he mastered it just a few weeks earlier, he could have competed in the races instead of cheerleading for his sister and me. But watch out for Michigan – he’ll be in great form by then!

When we got home from our ride, his 2yo sister picked up his uni and pushed it around the house. We’d better get her a unicycle soon – she’s going to be the youngest of all to learn, I’m sure!


Thats awsome…I bet he feels like a million bucks. I kno i did the first time i really rode my uni:D

Very nice, a few years back my next door neighbors boy learned at six. Now, he rips at 9, watch out.

Wow… good job Emmett!

weird i learned today to i just clicked in me thats probably what happened with your son im very happy for him, i know the feeling.

Congrats on the new rider in your family! :slight_smile: Maybe seeing all of the super unicyclers together in Mephis inspired the tike. They certainly inspired me to continue working on my skills.

Dave, that is so cool. Emily has been showing a ton of interest since NAUCC. She is actually sitting on it all by herself and trying to balance in place. She asked me to take her outside this evening and work with her in the driveway. I hope to make a similiar thread soon.

Congratulations to Emmett! I have not had many prouder moments as when Bear took his first runs away from the wall.

Bear will ride with you in Michigan, Emmett!

I hate to say it, but it is a lot younger than me and can ride farther than me… kudos to him!

Congrats David and Emmett!:smiley:

It is really exciting to watch one of your offspring ride down the way on a unicycles. It’s a keeper for the memory records. You stand or jump and holler as they wiggle there way down the path. It’ exciting for everyone!!

I loved watching my 8 year old do the same thing recently.

nice, emmet!

i know a guy, he`s 5 years old and tries to ride his 12" uni! but he cant ride it yet… soon!


I think Abby had her unicycle about 6 months before she “launched into the abyss” outside the North Bend gyms at NAUCC/Unicon in 2002. She was still barely 5 and was an official rider right after she turned 6 that August.

Officail Rider?? I assume you mean having completed level one?