My 6 year can ride!

She’s starting to get the hang of it!!!

Good work! My daughter just turned 6 last month and a red shiny 16’’ unicycle came in the mail a couple of days ago. We are just starting the learning process holding on to the railing on our deck.

Wonderful. Been trying to get my kids interested but they are not.

Nice, that’s great! How long did it take to learn that?

I was hoping to find a used 16" somewhere but I may just have to bite the bullet and get a new one from
I did find one on Kijiji but they wanted $9 less than a new one. Pffft.

AWESOME! I know you’re a proud daddy! :slight_smile: Pretty soon she will be hitting the trails with you!

Towards the end of last year I set up some parallel bars for her to ride between.
See them here.
She could occasionally do a couple of rotations in those, before we went into hibernation for the winter.

About a month ago we got back to it and I built the railing and she’s been using it a couple of times each week. Sometimes for just a few minutes. See the railing here. Once in a while over the past weeks she would ride about 4 or 5 rotations along the railing. But it often looked like she was grabbing onto the railing just because it was there.

I explained that to her and said she should just get to the end and keep going. She tried it and went about half way down the driveway first try! My jaw dropped!

I grabbed the camera and within about 4 tries she rode what you see in the video.
I came home from work this evening to find her riding some more. I think she’s hooked!! :smiley:

Awsome! Its such a great feeling when you finaly can unicycle!

That was awesome. She was so smooth for someone who just started riding without help. I hope she keeps it up.

Nice railing setup. I’ll have to keep that in mind. I think the winter break actually worked to Syd’s advantage as it gave her time to process her unicycle and get into the mindset required to learn something that’s more difficult than a 2 wheeler.

I checked out the blog & your latest idling success - good work!

That’s awesome !!! and she looked so happy doing it :slight_smile: Nice.

As long as she makes progress, I make videos. :smiley: Proud father… can’t help it!:stuck_out_tongue:

That is really great. You are right to be proud!
Watching the arm-flailing (for me it’s like looking in a mirror), made me think of the string of brain signals heading out to the arm muscles…Left Forearm up 7º, North 65º…No, back South 12º and down 15º; Right Bicep contract 18% and Right Shoulder rotate 27º West…Left Forearm - What are you doing over there?.. all at 500 instructions per nanosecond… with a smile on the face!

Those are wonderful videos, and it’s especially good seeing the two of you riding together.


Way too cool! :slight_smile:

I hope when I become a farther, I can achieve the same thing.

That’s absolutely awesome. It just makes you smile when you see how much fun she has while riding :sunglasses:

She is already doing way better than that first video. I would be proud too.

Other than that, your music makes me feel like im in a little kids dentist waiting room.

Haha!! I always find it hard to choose music. In this case it was mainly a joke for my brother, but I do like it too.

It’s the theme music to an 80’s tv show.
Can anyone guess it?

ALF :smiley:

Wow! From The Woods, you found that quick!

I keep telling myself there’s no need to video Syd until she progresses further.
But then this happened!

Thats tight. Congratulations on that. I hope to one day teach my kid/kids that, assuming I get married that is.