My 4yr old son Ziggy had a brief appearance on WABC Good Morning America yesterday

Terry covered the oldest extreme riding while Ziggy covered he youngest.
Now that Ziggy can ride at will, he’s had and will be having alot of gr8 publicity.
Next stop, the Cobert Report airing shortly.



What a great little video to be a part of; very positive!

It’s not playing for me! I tried both IE and Firefox latest browser versions. Maybe you can upload it to youtube? Either way, a big congrats to Ziggy!

Works for me in Firefox 4.

Great video!

Loved the skier with “Gravity is Fun”!

Great Job to the little man! Congrats!

It just won’t load, and the play button is grayed out. I waited and waited and it just wouldn’t play. I tried other videos from the site and those won’t play either. No problem with any other online videos playing. Only this one. :frowning:

Thank You! it’s gr8 to have my little dude to cruz around with!
The vid should play on PC’s but not on mobile devices.

What a great video. I was smiling and laughing at the end. Thanks for that :smiley:

And kudos to Ziggy :slight_smile:

You didn’t say what your browser version(s) are, or your version of Flash. Not sure if it’s Flash, but lots of online media is. Also see if there’s a comments or tech support area on that site, where people may have similar problems with solutions offered.

Hey Adam (and especially Ziggy) - Fantastic!!

I actually mentioned it in an earlier post, but you must have missed it. Anyway, with both Firefox and IE, it just never loaded. Just like the screen cap–it just sat there blank. :frowning: Oh, and my flash player is also the most current version.

Edit: I tried my one other browser that I never use, Opera. This time it worked! Great Job Ziggy! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem:(


(Worth sitting through the full one minute drug company commercial that showed first.)

Great video and great appearance. Congratulations! Ziggy stole the show! People will remember the Gravity is Fun guy and the unicycle kid.