My 4K Custom Frame

No, it didn’t cost $4K. I went digging through the scrap pile again and decided to build myself another frame. Here it is :
Krashin’ Kenny’s Kustom Koker

red coker frame 1.jpg

I filet-brazed the bearing holders for a cleaner look

red coker bearing holder 1.jpg

And the complete unicycle

red coker 1.jpg

I almost forgot to show how the crown looks as though it was made specifically for the Coker tire

red coker tire clearance 1.jpg

Kwite Kool Koker Krown

Oh! That does look kustom. Nice.

Are you using a standard width hub or one of the super wide hubs?

Very nice Kenny! Quite a tranformation from the way I saw it last weekend. If they ever have a Junkyard Wars episode where they have to build a unicycle, you da man for the job! :smiley:


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

John, it has the standard width hub on a stock Coker wheelset

Scott, you can borrow my old frame to convert that 36" UW if you’d like

I may take you up on that as temporary until I have time to build a frame. Thanks. I have about decided the frame/seat thingy is necessary for distance riding. :roll_eyes:

Nice indeed. Seems like a good way to save some money while having a good time in the garage. Did you ovalize the tubes yourself?

Cool Color Coker!

Most Cokers are black & white. Nice to see some color on one. Do you get any tire rub? Most frames flex at least a little, and the bigger the wheel gets, the more it can move from side to side. Looks like a great fit in that crown, but I’d be worried about a little rub when you pedal hard.

Another very nice frame Kenny. What was the final cost of the parts for the frame? Have you thought about using heavier duty bearing housings like the 2004 KH or other machined housing?

Yes I did ovalize the tubes myself using a 10-ton press and a couple of thick steel plates. It is definately the most cost effective way to get a custom frame, I’ve got about $18 in it :smiley:


There’s a little over 3/8" clearance between the tire and the sides of the crown. I’ve only ridden it aroud the shop, but took a couple of real sharp turns without it rubbing. If it does ever rub, I can easily remove some of the aluminum from the crown for more clearance.

You give me inspiration to make something similar for a 29er. I guess that crown (aluminum is it?) comes from a suspended mtb fork. Are the tubes welded to the crown?

The crown is indeed from an old MTB suspension fork and is made of aluminum. If you do decide to make one of these, there are a few things to consider. I’ve always used crowns that had “1 inch” stanchion tubes on the fork legs. The forks that use larger diameter tubes usually have a wider gap and will be too wide to properly fit the unicycle hub and may cause “knee interference” also.
Another consideration is the diameter of the steerer tube, which will become the seat tube. This frame was made from a fork that had a 1 1/8" steerer tube and I had to insert (braze) a shim to fit the standard unicycle seatpost (22.2 mm). The crown that I used on my MUni, however, had a 1" steerer tube and the seatpost fit inside perfectly.
Feel free to pm me if you need any more info.

Well, that’s a great looking frame. I like the color, the red/silver works out well. I’m thinking on making myself a frame a bit, so i’d appreciate it if someone would put up a nice tutorial. I don’t really have any skills or equipment, so I probably am not going to be able to do it, but it would be nice to know how.

It’s really not that hard to do for someone that has some metal working experience,if one takes care and starts off with the proper crown as I mentioned previously. The bearing holders can be purchased from and any competent welder can attach them to the fork legs after the tubes have been ovalized and the recess has been cut into the bottom of the tube. First, I ovalized the tubes. Next, I used the bearing cap as a pattern and marked the metal that needed to be removed to get an arc at the bottom of the tube for the bearing cap to set into. I removed the unwanted metal with a die grinder until I got a perfect fit for the bearing cap. Then I stood the tubing on top of the bearing holders and welded them on, being careful to position them exactly the same. (I made a jig to hold them in place while welding). Probably the biggest problem that you would encounter would be ovalizing the tubes. I had acces to a hydraulic press which made the process quite simple.
Good luck :slight_smile:

Kenny, how exactly did you get the tubes to fit in to the crown? Looks like some sort of bolt from on top, but i don’t see how that would work, also where did you get the crown from?

I usually get my crowns from the local b*ke shop. Just ask them if they have any damaged/worn out suspension forks laying around. It has to be a crown that uses “pinch bolts” to attach the legs. Take a seatpost along when you go shopping to be sure that it will fit into the steerer tube, as this will become your seat tube.

How to embarrass your kids

You do almost as good of work as I do.

“if your kids aren’t embarassed by you then your not unicycling enough”

Try Uniwalking, when you take your dog for a walk and you ride your unicycle. This really embarasses my kids.