My 3rd video : is this Street ?

You can find it here :
38Mo 3min xvid

Reminder : previous vid
34Mo 2min40 xvid

I wondered if street discribed my type of unicycling. :thinking: Altough i don’t do any cranckflip or handrail grind i practice some freestyle and trial in an urban environment. I doubt of naming them street videos, maybe just because it’s low level street unicycling. And perhaps the other skills will come with practice…


Looks kinda streety to me. you just need to learn to grind.

I think video 3 is an imense improvement over video 2. Just work on some more street skills and make video 4!

U don’t have to learn to grind, it’s just that grinding is probably one of the easiest street moves to learn. Try doing move fluid moves, like ur 360 unispins, they were great, but would look twice as good if u did like 360 unispin, then rode off and did say a gap. Or something like that, just try and find good trials lines, and throw in a few tricks here and there to make it more entertaining than straight trials. I think that street is more about highlights, kinda like u do a big gap, but u unispin whilst doing it, just because u can. Just do what u think would look good, not what u think other ppl would think would look good.

Great movie. What sort of camera are you using? The video quality is really nice. I don’t think even the uncompressed video from my Sony TRV 22E looks that nice…the colours were really nice and it was so crisp! How did you save the movie? What program were you using? I don’t seem to be able to get that quality from DivX.


There were 2 camera used : Both are Konica Minolta, Dimage Z1 and Z3 i think. Both make good quality quicktime movies (640x480 30fps).
Then i edited them with Cinelerra under linux, it just likes quicktime movies so there is no loss here.
Once the video exported in quicktime (6.1Go for this one) i compressed it with the xvid4 codec.


That’s a really nice video!
The third movie is much beter than the second, with much nicer editing and better riding!

I have thought of a thing…
If someone puts in a line where they fall, in the middle of a movie, they should set in the try when they nailed it pretty close behind…
If you don’t make your line, i think the clip should be in the crash-section :slight_smile:

Thinking of the really nice try on the narrow steps! I was waiting for another go but it didn’t happend!

Great riding!

I agree with you, that was my philosofy for the 2nd, () and as the bails weren’t quite impressives, i didn’t put any of them. I had a reply wondering if i ever fall :roll_eyes:
I think you are right for the narrow steps, i should have put it at the end. I was kind of frustrated of being tired and i couldn’t insist more than 2 steps up this day. I let that for the 4th vid… For the standup ww or seat drag though, i just show what i can do, and there’re still some transitions i have to practice.

Thanks all for your instructive comments


Hi :slight_smile:
Nice riding!

I’m jealous of your 360° unispins and your standup wheelwalking…
How long did it take you to learn the 360° unispins? I landed my first 180° over a week ago and didn’t land a 360° yet :confused:

How long do you ride at all?

very sweet i like ur style. hope to see more

Question: is this street?
Answer: I wouldn´t call that pure street riding. It´s more of a really good mix of different riding styles. Some trials, some freestyle and some street moves. That sure is a good thing, because it means that you´r a great allround rider, which is rare today. I really enjoyed watching the video but I would want to see some mora speed in the fourth movie.

And the 360 unispin made me jealous too. I have been practising on that move for like forever.

I have been riding for almost 5 years. But 5 months ago i was still only a level 3 with a good backward riding and 10 cm seat in hops. I broke my freestyle uni learning trials and i bought a qu-ax trial. That motivated me a lot and i learned during the past 5 months what i do on these video.

I spent maybe 4 months trying, before my first 180 unispin. Then i practiced the 360 unispin jump mount and landed my fisrt three 360 unispin 2 weeks after the 180.

As already said, when you’ve got a strong 1ft ww, the stand up ww comes quickly (i did 5m the fist day) : the transitions though are harder.


I’m going to be visiting barcelona from Nov 24th to Dec 3rd. I’m bringing my trials uni, and I’d love to meet up with you and ride around. Can you email me your contact info? (email address, and phone number?) my email is cd AT bluetreesoft DOT com. Also, Louise is already there with her muni, i’d i think she’d really like to meet up with you and ride around (although, she can’t do trials).