My 3 unis getting Powder coating!

I made a deal with a local P. Coating shop; I get all three of my unis (24" Torker DX, 20" Summit trials, coker) custom done in colors/textures of my choice, including Pearls, metallics and others. The deal is that in exchange i will tune his sisters piano! Sveet! So I’m dropping all of them off next week to be sand-blasted and p. coated. He’s gonna do the cranks, seat-post and clamps as well! I wonder if it would be practical to do the pedals too! I’ll be posting the pics later.:smiley:


My uni is powder-coated black and it looks really nice, have you decided what colours to get yet? Pearlescent would be pretty cool!

if you powdercoat the seat post you will lose all adjustability…but i figure you know this…i guess you don’t move your seat around much…


Don’t forget that the powder coating adds about a mm or two of thickness to everything and that sand blasting can damage aluminum. Also try to find a very thin or particularly durable coating. I got a coating that was said to prevent rust and such and although it looks great and I really like the feel, it gouges, not just scratchs and is quite noticeable.

Yeah, I thought about that. SInce I keep the same basic height adjustment, maybe I’ll just get the exposed area coated. I wonder what kind of paint, if not powder coating, was used originally on the summit and torker seat posts. :thinking: I surmised that if I remove the old paint, then the new coating wouldn’t make much difference in thickness…

I think the shop owner am used to handle such things.
And that powder coating adds 1-2 mm, no way… And i presume that he knows how to sand blast something…
Because… he’s a professional!

And, that is just a wounderful deal!
I wish i could do something like that…

Edit: And, if you do lose adjustability of the seatpost, grind of the paint on the part the part that’s inside your frame! not much work at all.

I had a special type of powder coating put on which made it so thick but even my frame beforehand had about a mm of powdercoating on it.

that’s sweet! i know a guy who bought a cheap oven and powder-coated his MUni lime green. :smiley: