my 2nd video-kinda semi ok.

well first off i know this isnt as great as like shauns recent video or anything tomsey would post, but i think its decent at least. its “part 2” in the gallery.anyways,heres the link. hope you enjoy.
under the influence,
EDIT: thanks to skate4flip for helping me out.

Yes sir, fine video. I enjoyed it.

good tricks! no music though, huh? it was good. I wish i could do some of that stuff…

Thanks for the rep. Nice video. I liked the koosh-koosh and stand up glides and wheel walks. I’m still working on getting more consistent with the transistion into stand up ww (from ground, or from jumping up from the pedals).

im not good with the whole music thing. im new at editing and what not

I’ve got those shoes and it kills my feet to seat drop with them. Nice stand-up wheel walking.

Nice riding indeed, I liked the one footed gliding.