My 2nd street vid


Past saturday i found someone to film me and i took advantage of this to make my second video. Nothing revolutionnary obviously, i more see it as a way to officialize my progress.

34Mo, 2min28, Xvid encoded


Très bon, merci beauchamp.

Very smooth, slow moves. Your still stands before hops are very elegant and well controlled. So are your transitions into and out of WW and one foot WW. Do you ever fall? I didn’t see any bloopers in the clip.

Yeah, i fall as everyone, but
-i didn’t want the video to be too big,
-most of the falls were erased during the filming to save space,
-during the 2*2 hours i had my friend motivated to hold his camera i didn’t really “eat the ground” once : always on my feet so nothing worth i think.


(“beauchamp” is a strange word, maybe you meant “merci beaucoup” which means “thanks a lot” but thank you for the effort). And corrige me when i do bad mistakes.

definitely worth the download, nice job with the editing.

Yes. My fingers, eyes, and brain are not always on the same page at the same time.

Wooohoo! Another street vid! My day is always a little brighter when I see these posts.

That was really good. I loved the editing in the beginning with the music going along with you’re voice, that was awesome. You have some really smooth street stuff going on too, really nice. I’m envious of the wheel walking part. I’ve been working on that lately but I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall at about 8-15 feet. Perpignan looks like it has tons of cool stuff to ride too. Good stuff.

It’s not my voice, in fact, the singer says yes. When i landed the unispin i was proud and happy. I am used to saying “yes” in such a case but without really doing the noise. That’s why my mouth seems to say it…without any sound. When i saw the videos fresh filmed, i remembered this song and thought that this could fit very well with the video.

That’s right. I only spend few days a month there, because i live in Spain. And Barcelona has a lot of cool spots to. I would have to find someone to film me here.

Thank you all for your comentaries, it motivates me to keep on working (and enjoying BTW).


nice job homie. i liked the tire grab man that was dope. also the transition from the ww to 1ft ww and back to ww was dope as well. really clean. i like your style.

tres bien mais je crois que tu devrais apprendre les 360 unispins :slight_smile: le video était tres bon, bravo !!