My 2nd month of learning to ride

On the 30th of November 2020 I picked up my first unicycle. Here’s a mash up of the 2nd month of learning to ride one. :sunglasses:


With how much progress you were making at the start of that video I was honestly expecting unispins by the end of it!

Seriously impressive progress - I imagine the trials riding has really helped with the balance side of things.

You must live on the unicycle. That is some amazing progress. Great video!

Well, I did consider taking it on, but I decided to go for other techniques like the pedal grab first since I prefer more (just as with the bike) to ride obstacles instead of doing tricks (like bmx). But the 180 unispin is quite a simple trick so I’ll probably give it a go soon. That along with grinds and make a start wirh high jumps with SIF.

Uhm, about 1-1,5 hour a day, but I do think about it a lot more and come up with ideas in my mind on how to master the techniques as soon as possible which I then apply during the training sessions.

you are like a duck to water…well done.

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