today i ordered by beautiful nimbus 28" with a Big Apple tyre from!
and all my exama are over and it’s half term next week so lots of ‘learning to ride my 29" time!’
How long do you reckon it will take to come? :smiley:

Eeeeeexcellent! :slight_smile:

You’re going to absolutely love it, it’s such a nice unicycle, it’s so smooth…


cool,now you have to update your biography :slight_smile:

And add one to the Uni Count


Mike Hinson retunred my 28" wheel yesterday, tho we went for asort of Muni so i didnt get achance to check it out. i put it together tonight an its lovely, its soo quick. I put some 150’s on and its quite easy to mount, but they bob you out the saddle to much and im going to change them for my 125’s Im not quite ready for my 110’s on it they are unbelieveably hard to mount with (for me anyway)
I managed a short test ride of 3 miles on pavement this evening with no UPD. I may get a Big aaple tho, as im afraid of collapsing my rim again, it really doesnt feel that strong with this ridiculously skinny tire on.
Im sure you will have fun with yours TP

This is what Tom did to his rim…

Don’t do trials on it TP :slight_smile:


However long it takes, it’ll be too long. But worth the wait.

Speaking of which (thread jack ahead), I added a shot of my not so new 29er to my gallery. And a shot of the back of my new Civic. There’s also two new shots of our cats in the Cats gallery.

Back on topic. What length cranks are you getting with it, TreeP?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Woah! Thats exactly what my rim looked like when I screwed it up. The worst part is I was just learning how to ride and that happened.

i really want to get a 29er, but i feel it is so much of an investment. sure its only 250, but then there are so many accessories! there is the airseat, the handlebars, the brake, the speedometer… so maybe i can jack this thread and ask if people ride 29ers like this one without these accessories that seem to me to be pretty essential. i cant imagine riding on a kh seat for hours straight…

I wouldn’t be suprised if it came today or tomorrow. My giraffe was delivered the next day, and that was between Christmas and New Year.

Enjoy it, it’s definitely next up on my wishlist.

Pretty much everything is optional. My 29er has a KH seat, no speedo, no brake etc. and it’s gone probably 1500 miles with no problems. The only thing I’d really really upgrade from a standard one is the tyre and pedals, to a big apple and something with pins.

If you ride regularly a KH seat is pretty good for distance riding, you don’t really need an airseat any more. Except if you’re one of the few weird people who just don’t find the KH seat comfortable at all.

The other stuff is nice to have, but unless you’re doing 100 miles a day or whatever, you don’t need it.


heres a crappy pic of my nimbus II 2", with some wellgo pinned pedals and 150mm (learner) cranks.

Mike i dont call a couple of small bounces (not even worth calling it a hop) trials, lol.
heres a pictue of the wheel after staying at mikes.

I put a speedometer on my 24" muni the other week it was great until i droped it in to a river on the first ever ride with it!:frowning: good luck with it treepotato on how long a day or two just make sure your in when the man comes or u will end up waiting an extra week until it finally ends up in the local post office you can pick it up!! this happend with my 19" trials wheel set o btw it rocks!!!

every order ive ever had form has just been left on the doorstep, ive never had a problem with them. its when people use parcel force that its a hassle

what about this?

if i was to be riding a lot (maybe 50 miles a day for a few weeks) would i need this fella?

Bah! All these people with shiny 29ers and cokers. I have no space, and no money, yet I still feel it’s just a matter of time…


no john noooo!!! well i will stick to gliding ok not as fast yet but i will be i just broke my record i just did 37.5 revs i love it so much but my shoes are burning thro already!

Yeah they cant even find my house all you have to do is fallow the streat down and its not like its far back its right near the road. When I call them they say oh you can come pick it up here. I said no bring it here the address is right but i had to wait the week end because they suck.

can anyone 1 foot on their 29ers/28’s i weas just trying it and its surprisingly easy, getting back to the pedal is alot harder tho…