my 28er, the Rowing Machine



so sould i sell this all together or part it out?

Maybe I’m stupid… or perhaps I just ask dumb questions, but:

Why do you call your 28er “the Rowing Machine?”

Jagur, if I may:

The frame was designed and built by a gentleman named Joe Rowing.

  • Frank

Thanks, Frank… that obviously explains it! I guess I should probably read through the posts a bit more carefully before I ask such questions… but it’s tough when my ADD kicks in! Anyway, with all the work jagur put in to building that uni… it seems like it should be more appropriately called the “Jagur-Rowing Machine.” Looks really cool :smiley: !

yeah especialy the first post :smiley:

thanx for the compliments on the looks of the 28er. now if it just had some of those green Miyata bumpers to match the tyre it would be set. maybe who ever gets it next will have some.

What are you trying to tell me something?

nah, i already took all your money.

looks good to me. Glad to see it’s being enjoyed :slight_smile: