my 28er, the Rowing Machine

i finally got this built up! i had it together as a 26er for the last 2 months but always wanted to jam a 28" (700c) wheel in there.

ive riddin 700c wheels before but only with a fat WTB tyre making it a 29er. the 700x38 Michelin tyre i have rolls out to 86.5 inches. its not that much bigger than my 26" but the weight loss is incredible! it takes nothing to get this wheel going and i can hop/roll up curbs no handed with just a little groin grab :wink:

between the 38c tyre, the larger diameter rim, double butted spokes, reziliant frame made by Joe Rowing and the thick foam of a Torker DX seat its not nearly as harsh a ride as some have posted it would be. you certainly dont “feel every bump” you do feel more sharp hits but im never surprised by them.

i keep my tyre pumped to 85psi. you would never want to go below 65 since cornering can fold the tyre really easy under 65. at 85 its really solid for having all my weight on it with all the (Harper knows the real words) forces of nature adding to it. cornering and stuff.

i have never liked 22.2 seat tubes but Joe made the seat tube really long and the seat post doesnt twist at all since the bolts are high up, just under the seat. also the skinner seat tube acually looks really good with a skinny tyre complmenting it. im useing an FMF Alloy seatpost that goes all the way down to the crown. its one of the few light seat posts available in 22.2 but it was $45 plus ship. the CF version is $80 ouch!

127mm cranks
Salsa Delgato-X rim
UDC hub (the new ones are black and slightly less quality, the paint is cheap. the chome ones looked better)

i decided to go with stainless spokes this time since the hub came black. i saved some cash there, the stainless 14/15’s are 60cents and the black are a dollar a piece. i also hunted down some longer spoke nipples instead of the small DT ones. i like them better.

its 12 pounds maybe less, i need to get to a better scale than my spring loaded 50 year old brass fish scale from late grandad.

Pictures are here


Awesome! It looks really good. This one seemed to last a little longer then some of the other unis you’ve made.

So when does it go for sale? Because I know it will.

That’s one nice looking ride! Do you have a closeup of the longer nipples? I like looking at them :smiley:

Yeah the one with his son in the picture :astonished: .

yeah, well the frame has at least. the original 26" wheel is long gone and now in hurricane country.

That came out nice. The Delgado X’s are pretty tough. I’ve got them on my Hunter 29er (two wheeler :astonished: )

I tried but I can’t figure out what you have on your head in the pics???

  • Frank

finaly, i was starting to think no one noticed which would be strange since ive been shaving my head for the last 5 years. im wearing a wig.

I have been shaving my head for…almost a year I beleive.

I can’t believe someone beat me to it. So Jag, what’s it selling for, or is it going to be auctioned.:smiley:

It’s good to see the uni you are currrently providing a temporary foster home for. Please don’t dismember the poor thing like you did the last one. That’s just wrong.

It looks interesting, and I am sure it does feel quick and nimble.


Nice ride. You should try some shorter cranks on that thing, especially since it has light tire on it. 102s at least, or maybe 89s.

bugs, Swallis

i know i deserve it but my knowledge of uni builds is huge and everyone gains from my sales so i feel like quite a used part resource.

i recently went through all my letters from people who have bought things from me and its an insane amount. the only regret i have is not cataloging it all. one day im going to go through it all and post a thread sales. :smiley:

a fun fact is that i have never had more than 3 uni at a time. always selling one to move to the next.

Re: bugs, Swallis

As a result of all that you’ve been able to try some unique unicycles with some unique parts combinations and some unique builds. That’s a bonus.

i thought about that but i ride at night alot and need the extra torque for the unseen, esspecialy after a few pitchers.

Re: my 28er, the Rowing Machine

Your choice of words is both eloquent and correct. I agree with others that you have built and ridden more exotic unicycles than anyone I know. And what you have learned is more about what you’re looking for. It was even one of your sig lines once…something like in search of the one real one wheel deal.

Crankless in Seattle. Should have this thing up soon though!

so it made it there eh? cool. i had to let all the air out of tyre since it barly fit into that Torker box. post some pics when you get it holey rollin.

Unemployment woes. But I parted with the XBOX today so the cranks should be ordered tommorow. Any suggestions on a good crank+ length for that?

About the frame…

Does this frame make turns easier? It has wide crown as compared to bearings bracket. :thinking:

i dont think it turns any better because of the frame. the frame was made to take a 24x3 muni tyre originaly, that why its so wide.

the skinnier tubes and having two of them on each side seem to dampin vibration a little more than a regular frame.