My 24-hour Ultra in Thailand

This week I got back from Thailand, having completed my 24-hour uni challenge to raise money for an org there. Some of you will remember me, as I received so much support from this forum, having only picked up a unicycle for the first time three months prior to the event (I’ve recently had yo give up ultra running due to osteo-arthritis). A big thanks to all of you for your help and I hope you enjoy my short video of the event:

Great video, Chris, and congratulations on your achievement! Really fantastic!

Wow!!! YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!!! What was your total kilometers? The last I heard was 107km!
You very well earned the title “Learning to ride a unicycle long distance in little as 3 months is as easy as Pye!” :wink:

Congratulations Chris! You did great!

Impressive. My arse, lower back, shoulders, and knees would have been screaming after 4 hours, especially so early in my career. Well done!

Congratulations on your exceptional accomplishment for a very noble cause!

Nice going!

Excellent! Thanks for sharing. I loved the front dismount at the end!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks folks for all those supportive comments. And in answers to your question, ‘UPD’, the total kms were 145.5 (just over 90 miles). I think my next adventure may be a uni ride from tip to toe of Australia (Thursday Island to Tasmania), but this will take several months, so probably 2017. Watch this space!

Excellent! Amazing!

I’m pretty sure no-one else has done such a long distance in 24 hours, just three months after learning to ride!

Congratulations! That really is an outstanding accomplishment.