My 23rd Birthday Challenge!

As one of many challenges I’m facing today, I set out to ride 23 miles (I’m 23 years old as of today) and the ride was great. I took lots of photos and they can all be seen here:


Very cool birthday goal. Nice photos too. I used always ride my age in miles on my road bike, right up until I discovered unicycles. Have only gotten on the bike a couple of times since then. I’m going to be 51 next birthday and my uni skills definitely aren’t up to that yet. It only gets harder as you get older. I’m not ruling out the possibility over the next few years though.

Re: My 23rd Birthday Challenge!

Congrats on your birthday and on the ride. I’ve heard that everyone
below 23 wants to be older, and everyone above 23 wants to be younger.
So you are at the summit of your life, in a way!

Thats strange. Back when I was 22 (two days ago), I definitely did not want to be 23. I could stick with 21 or 22 for at least five more years. I have to graduate this May and then I’m supposed to get started towards a career. Thats really going to cut into my unicycling time.