My 2021

Hi everybody,
Happy new year!!

Just reflected and over the course of 2021 I think there’s not really anything I really want to learn for road Unicycling right now with the equipment I have. Ok, I’d like to hop up road kerbs on a commuting uni or muni but not sure I’ll ever get it. And that’s ok.

Perhaps I’ll get the M4O Fixed/freewheel hub when it comes out. :slight_smile: I do really like the idea of the Schlumpf but they are still rather expensive. Ditto carbon 36er rims.

But anyway, for me, 2021:

Started off very nervous riding down kerbs. Ok, I could already do it, but with encouragement from @BruceC, basically got over that fear in Jan.

In April did an organised country road ride with cyclists at Singleton (The mail run) on my road 29er. Found I had freemounting issues!! Officially the route we were supposed to do was about 40km but I skipped bits because it was simply too windy. Did over 30km anyway.

Improved slow speed riding by riding with Eliane H at Sydney Olympic Park. She’s not on this forum but should feature in the world unicycling calendar. :slight_smile:

During Sydney lockdown end of June - early Oct 2021, we had to stay within 5km from home. I started muniing on my local singletrack on my KH24. @Unigan suggested I try my 27.5 muni. Wow!!! Then realised my 24" muni felt a bit redundant. A local gal wanted to buy a muni, so I offered to sell it to her… sold at the beginning of Dec 2021. So many great times with it over 2020 and 2021, but I am happy it has a new owner who should really get a lot of enjoyment from it, just like I did.

Sometime during 2021 I started riding the bit of pathway to my front door. I was previously scared to do it as I have to go over a road lip, then go down a little rough downhill then make a right turn onto imperfect grass, and ride the grass. Maybe the muniing and just other riding finally got me not so scared with it. Anyway, turns out i’m all good with the road lip and downhill…

Supposed to do Sydney to Gong 58km ride but that was postponed to 1 May 2022 due to Covid outbreak.

Supposed to do Sydney Spring Cycle, guess maybe Spring 2022 is when it might happen.

After already being confident hopping on 24" muni, started stopping and hopping on bigger wheels. Success!!! Just needed a little practice.

Sep 2021 bought a second hand KH36er that was for sale in my city that @unigan spotted. I did the occassional rolling freemount practice and rollback practice and other mounting practice. While I have some success with rolling mount, it still needs a lot of work if I want to always be confident with it. It did get me to appreciate my 27.5 muni and 29 road uni so much more.

Put the WTB slick tyre on 29" nimbus road uni, as recommended on this forum by @thorofareken
OMG, unbelievably smooth and easy to ride with 125mm cranks. Put shorter cranks on it (117mm) to move it out of the comfort zone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Bought a secondhand Nimbus Nightfox 36er Dec 2021. OMG. I can static freemount this uni, and confidently. Suddenly the 36er wheel doesn’t seem so big and problematic. I find getting into a hop really helps. Putting the seat up to 4cm lower on the Nightfox compared to the KH36er makes it a cinch to mount.

Since I sold the KH24, bought a new!! Nimbus 29er muni Dec 2021 with Duro crux tyre and freemounting it perfectly ok. And yay, can hop on it too.

So… now I have no problems with my mounts for any sized uni wheel (ok, not always 100% but I know I’ll get there in a few attempts if needed). This is massive!!

My idling improved but it’s still not something I’d try in public on a 27.5 or bigger uni.
My backwards improved, feeling ok. But still definitely sketchy.

Hoping to do the Brisbane Valley rail trail April 2022 (need the logistics to work!), and be at Unicon in July 2022. :slight_smile:


2021 was a huge year for me in terms of skills. I learned idling pretty well, one footed idling, (still a beginner), small drops and hops, (about 20 cm each way), smaller still forward hops, (maybe 10cm obstacles), 180 degree hops, 90 degree hops with a rollout, riding and hopping SIF, riding backwards, (slowly and steadily gettting this one, my max distance has been 70m and I have easily put 50 hours of practice solely into riding backwards), my uphill and downhill abilities have improved dramatically and I’ve done some short climbs on single-track that my iPhone says were 25% grades. I also learned static and rolling mounts.

Skills that I have attempted but haven’t yet figured out are the kick flip mount, backwards mount, wheel walking, brake gliding and hopping while standing on the tire.

My favorite uni right now is my 24" M41 tecno. It just does almost everything well and I find it noticeably easier to ride offroad than the 27.5. I’m using 148mm cranks and a specialized big roller which I have mixed feelings about. The BR does really well on dry trails, but once things get slick the tread just isn’t aggressive enough to keep you from sliding. I’ve got a Duro Wildlife on the way from udc and I’ll see if that works better.


Glad you’re progressing well and that you can mount a 36". As for the BRVT just keep an eye on their upcoming events maybe one will align with your visit.

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I think you meant :wink: :

But more seriously, I am happy for you that your confidence, skills and enjoyment grew hand-in-hand :slight_smile:

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Good pickup! Why did someone decide a uni had to be called nightfox and a tyre nightrider?

Just wow :slight_smile: you learnt heaps!!!

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Thanks, I worked hard at it. Hopefully I can keep up the same enthusiasm and stay relatively injury free in the coming year.

It is just two very different kind of cute :rofl: :

I personally prefer the furry one :stuck_out_tongue: