My 20" monty is en route...ques?

Yay, I sold that dry suit I mentioned before for $425cdn. So I orderd a 20" Bedford monty for $425. Ahhhh, sweet bliss.

Question about trials setup…

Do you trials riders have an airseat on your 20" or is the stock miyata seat preferred (other than all the upgrades)

So…trials…air seat or no air seat?

I didn’t have an airseat back in the dark days when I had a miyata. I think it’s not really necessary given you’re not actually sitting on it very much when you’re jumping around.

Now I’ve got a Velo… :slight_smile:

Phil, just me

why have a very expensive air seat that your never going to sit on for more than a few moments?

a standard miyata may not last verry long without a gb stiffener plate and a kinport or reeder handle, as you probably know the new miyatas suck.

lots of people do have air seats on their trials unis but its of no benifit when actualy doing trials moves, only when going from a to b.
most of the time you’ll have your weight off the seat and the rest of the time with the seat out in front.

i’ve currently got a viscount with a reeder handle but i may go cf + air + roach some day just for added a to b comfort.
of course the kh sadles are nice too…but you can’t stick a reeder handle on them as far as i know

Oh yeah, I forgot about those velo’s that are ‘coming soon’.

I’ll just get one of those if the Miyata breaks. which it may not, I still have a stock uni-axle on my semcycle from 2 years ago.

So, no air. Thanks.

No further replies are neccesary, but feel free, of course

velo sadles are alreday here, in the u.k. at least, ive got one on my freestyle unicycle it lovely, hear that all you americans, lovely.

p.s. i’m not gloating to be spitefull, i’m gloating to compensate for all the trouble i had getting my sem xl frame, reeder handle, profile hub and assorted other parts for my unis,
not to mention a pair of 12$ pedals i’m having to get from the u.s.
do you remember the nimbus ii (aka Yuni) frame well i had one of those before it was avilable in the states too.

gloat gloat.

hey, quit all that gloating, you’re going to make me cry:p

that’s awesome Brian!! Trials unicycles are the way to go!:smiley: Now i HAVE to come visit you for a ride in london. I faced the same dillemma, but you tend to get callauses (spelling?) on you butt from riding with the standard miyata, and also, i by far prefer it for all the hopping and what not!

enjoy your new uni!


Hey Ryan, I’m pretty anxious (no profiles on this one though…I hope we don’t get our uni’s mixed up at the Windsor parade :astonished: )

So…you have an air seat on that thing?

Visit your AUnt, you mean…visit your aunt!

Oh yeah… Aunt, sure:p
I d’ont have an airseat on my trials unicycle. I like it alot without. I find the airseats get too big and bulky for trials. I do however have the carbon fiber seat base, and it’s got “old” miyata parts, so i’m set for a while, untill they break at least, which shouldn’t be for a while. You’ll really like you new uni. when you get it go out on a ride and try hopping up things that you haven’t been able to before, a good thing is all the seats on bleachers, the wooden ones are less intimidating, just hop from seat to seat and then either dismount, hop back down the seats, or drop off the end. i’m talking about bleacher with 4 or 5 seats, not stadium :astonished: that could really hurt! but it would test out your new uni:p talk to you later,