My 2 lasts unicyclists years

hello everybody!
I post my last vid which sum up my 2 last years of unicyclist practise.
Much trial and other stuffs.

Say me what do you think about.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I liked it good job! Maybe some other music next time?^^

Really liked the video, I said ‘Wow!’ out loud several times. Long jumps!

That was a sick video, I really enjoyed it.

Great video. Liked the music as well, made a refreshing change to what guys normally use.

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:
And for the music, i know it’s special, i know some people will enjoy and others won’t like it!

i really liked it, also your tire was very flat.

How long was that rolling hop in the start??? Nice trials riding too, didn’t like the music though.

That was a good one.
Keep it up…

nice vid. not bad for two years riding

Cool video, some interesting editing techniques. The bail at 3:01 made me laugh.

I made an other video, with already used clips
Ballde in black and white