My 1st Level 10 Skill (unispin), suicide mount, and heaps more videos!


I just had the best day I’ve had in a very long time. I had a great ride today doing some rail riding and some freestyle stuff.

I’ve been riding along rails that I’ve set up above the ground that are about 80mm wide and about 4m (or a bit less maybe) long. It was lots of fun and I didn’t think I’d be able to do it so it felt great. There are plenty of videos of today’s rail riding at . If they’re not there yet, they’ll be there soon because I’m adding them to my gallery now.

As for the freestyle stuff, today I did my first suicide mount followed by my first unispin. It feels great to be able to do one level 10 skill. Heaps of people have been saying on this forum that suicide mounts are easier than they look, and that they’re just a bit scary for the first time. They’re absolutely right. If any of you haven’t tried a suicide and feel like you might be able to, just try it. It feels great! I landed one on my 3rd try so I was pretty happy with that and I didn’t hurt myself at all today. I’d tried doing unispins a few times before but had never really tried to get my feet back on the pedals much. Today I put on my 661 pads and just tried it. It took a lot longer than the suicide mount. I think I landed my first unispin on about the 15th try or so (I’ve probably tried it about 15 more times before today). The one in the video is the only one that I managed to land today but it felt great! Everything felt great! I had a great day!

I also tried hand wheel wakling today with no success. This makes sense given the fact that I can hardly wheel walk normally. It was lots of fun though. I think I got a few short ‘steps’ with the hands in there at some time. There’s a funny looking video in my gallery at the end of a very short hand wheel walk where I fall off the front. The whole thing just looks so strange.

I’ve had a great day!


I figured out how to turn separate frames from videos into pictures. Here’s what I was talking about…

movie - hand wheel walking.jpg

now i understand the term ‘face plant’ just a lil’ bit better
interesting how funny it looks when u r not the one doing the planting