my 1st decent muni movie

Hi all

Usually, I don’t post here a lot, but this is a muni movie i captured today.

Actually, this is my second unicycle movie, but my first decent one. (the first wasn’t composed that well)


Love the video - i commented on youtube. Whats the song?

It’s all about practise, but it may help to keep your weight more to the front while riding a little faster and when you hit the branch, put as much weight as possible on the pedal which is most to the front. I don’t found this branch even difficult.

Hans Zimmer - Now we are free. (instrumental version)

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This may have been the best XC video I’ve seen (not too many of those though).

In Training Wheel Not Required someone (I think Brian MacKenzie) rode over a pile of logs almost two feet high w/ a Coker.

If you have a really large bump, it seems best to lean back a teeny bit the instant you hit it and crank up the bump (some-what like a high rolling hop, but you keep pedaling).

Very nice. I also am quite inspired by your ability to ride over a branch like that!

Higher quality (720x480) download available through Vimeo

Click the download link at the right bottom corner.

I have 150s on my KH29 and find riding over logs and stuff pretty easy, I still think its easier and more fun to hop them but I can normaly roll up even the tall curbs. I find it helps if you bend at the hip abit, rocking your weight back as you hit the curb. This way your weight is driven into the curb instead of going forward and you roll over them instead of tripping over them.

Euhm sorry, I didn’t know that only members could download original files. What I’m personally doing when exploring unknown websites is using an alternative e-mail account, but a quick Google search would learn that one can thrust Vimeo for not sending spam.

Then again, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to subscribe, and indeed it’s not worth it for just one movie.

(But personally, I believe the quality of this website is far superior compared to YouTube)

love it


A really nice video. The music and birch trees make me want to jump up right now and go on vacation to find a spot like that to ride.

Lotsa lotsa sand around here. The occasional glimpse of a great blue heron fishing in a pond makes for a nice afternoon ride, but with fall here and winter coming those birch trees in your vid sure looked nice.

I liked watching you go over the branch twice. First to the right then to the left. It was a nice touch.

Makes me want to go ride instead of work :’(


While at work I wanted to see the video again. So I invited a few students back to the classroom for lunch and we watched “my 1st decent muni movie” together. They loved it!

Nothing like using the kids as an excuse to watch utube at work. :smiley: